Mohawks at SEUOIR

The weekend of October 29/30 saw no fewer than 4 Mohawks teams head to Hatfield to compete at SEUOIR. Having four teams at this event was in itself incredible and shows the South East just how big Mohawks are as a club and how good we are at producing many competitive teams. The first team went to win the event, and did as much battling to a hard fought 4-3 victory in the semi-final against Imperial's DD before taking Portsmouth's Sublime 8-4 in the final. The other 3 teams all beat their seeding with Mohawks 2 taking 12, Mohawks 3 ending 16th and Mohawks 4 came in at 23rd, in a 32 team tournament. Absolutely fantastic results across the boar... (more) (Published Mon 31st October 11:01)

SICKO - What a weekend!

Quick not to say that over the weekend just gone the Mohawks co-hosted the second ever edition of SICKO in Burgess Hill. The tournament had 12 beginner teams and 20 experienced teams making it quite the sizable tournament. The Ultimate played across both divisions was fantastic, spirit was generally exemplory and the party was incredible. From a TD's perspective it was a pleasure to be a part of running and thanks to my co-TDs and anybody who helped out over the weekend. Result wise for the Mohawks it was great: in the experienced divison Mo 1 battled to 5th, Mo 2 made big strides to get to 16th with the Squaws ending 20th BUT WINNING SPIRIT!... (more) (Published Mon 24th October 13:23)

SICKO Party (22nd/23rd Oct)

So its the 2nd SICKO tournament this coming weekend, hosted by Mohawks with help from Panthers & Brighton Club. The party this year is in the back of Falmer bar on Saturday night. Even if you're not playing sicko then come along for a great night. We've got the place from 8pm to 3am, got a bar to ourselves, DJs and the theme is Zombie! (Published Thu 20th October 17:20)

Practice Times for New Players

WEDNESDAYS 3pm-5pm - main training, outdoors at Russel's Clump. SUNDAYS 12pm-2pm - indoor training: bring clean trainers! FRIDAYS from 2pm - more casual throwing and games. If you're new to the sport, fear not! We have lots of training sessions geared towards teaching you everything you need to know about the game. The coaches are pretty excited about the amount of new talent coming into the club after our first training on Wednesday and we hope we'll see you all back at the other sessions. (Published Thu 6th October 13:22)

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