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Welcome to Mohawks Ultimate...

... home of the University of Sussex Ultimate Frisbee Club. Never heard of Ultimate? Visit to learn about one of the fastest growing sports in the UK. As for all of you 'experienced' Mohawks who want/need a full grasp of all the rules, check out the WFDF Ultimate Rules (World Flying Disc Federation, of course).

Mohawk History
21 years ago a group of like minded people got together in a place called Brighton, to play a game called Ultimate, and the Mohawks Ultimate tribe was born. Since then the Mohawks have become a formidable force in British Ultimate, guided by the elders, this years fresh faced newbies hope to keep the Mohawk spirit alive.

The Mohawks comprise of players of all levels or ability, from world champions, to people completly new to the game. We never turn anyone away, after all, we all had to start somewhere. We play both indoors and outdoors in all divisions (Open, Women's, Mixed and Students). Come along to play, or just to chuck a disc around.

Mohawk Practice times
Wednesday 2-5pm: Russel's clump, outdoors
Friday 2-5pm: Russel's clump, outdoors
Sunday 4-6pm: Falmer Sports Complex

Note: Mohawks practices do not run during university holidays.

All Mohawk players of all levels are welcome to come along to Brighton practices (for all Ultimate players in Brighton, not just students). They are great for learning to play with new people, and learning different skills and plays. These practices run all year round, exception being if Brighton Ultimate are at a tournament, then there is no Saturday practice. Check out Brighton Ultimate.

Brighton Practice times
Tuesdays 6-9pm: Preston Park (fun / ladder league)
Thursdays 6-9pm: Hove rec (hardcore)

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