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Mohawks Legends:

Dear legends, please send me some content/stories/photos for this page (or for me to make a decent legens/history page), but for now here is a shot of 3 Mohawks legends: Claerwen, Skipper and Waggle, right after they won Europeans for GB in 2003.

  So, that was in 2003! But you can now click here to see read about the infamous story of '96

and the others...

Alastair "Allah" Findlay


George "TorPeedo" Moody

Jon "Superfly" Kinsey

Ben "Stroke/Fatback" Crick

Tom "Wetdream" Whitey

Vicky "Jockey" King

James "Waggle" Houghton

Daniel "Lazy Dan" Adderly

Kate "Slimegroove" Sygrove

Steve "Roof" Prince

Margarethe "Maggie" Hansen

Sarah "Sheep" Davies

Mads "MMMM" Jecobson

Richard "Moonie" Mooney



"Brother Love"

Nicole "Maaaf" Roberts

Lucy "Lucifer" Piper

Keith "Uncle Pass-out" Moon

Rheinald "Rhino" Meyer

Lloyd "Big Butts" TSB

Julia "Tschulia" Jaskolski

Helena "Smurf" Olsson

Kyle "Capt Cliche" Murray

Ed "Mr floppy" Higbee

Matt "Juan di marco" Cutler

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Mohawk Legends

Note(1):If anyone has comments or information they would like dispense to be added to profiles, please e-mail: bobalize (at)
Note(2): If anyone has photos of anyone else I haven't yet got photos of (past and present) please e-mail them to me at this address: bobalize (at), and bear with me. Cheers!
Note(3): Mohawks accept no responsibility for any photos taken or comments made, as far as we know they could be purely fictional.