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Contact United Kingdom Ultimate Association - Great info on all the UK tournaments, teams and ultimate in general. Useful links and tips too. The Ultimate Handbook - Full of great information about learning Ultimate and how to be a great player, from the throws, to drills and game strategies. Brighton Ultimate - Our geo team web site. Check it out, all practices, tournaments etc. are open to all Mohawks of course, as we are Brighton Ultimate by default! Regional Ultimate - Where all the ladder league tables, results and news is kept Push Pass Productions - Felix's awesome awesome website full of COTD's (Clip of the day), videos, and DVD's! South-East Ultimate - Everything about other teams and events in the South-East. Has some good video footage of SE teams in action too. Ultimate Links - to Tournaments, Teams, and other international web sites. World Flying Disc Federation - All the big news about Disc sports worldwide. Including Disc Golf, Freestyle, Guts, DDC and of course Ultimate. You'll also find the latest detailed rules here. Roland's Mohawks Photo page - A gallery with some albums of tournaments/socials of the past few years. Britdisc - The UK Ultimate mail archive. Read here for all the latest goings-on in UK Ultimate. University Ultimate - All the latest UK Ultimate goings-on at University level. SE University Ultimate - To keep up to date with all the latest goings-on on the South-East scene. Ultimate Player's Association Pick-up Ultimate - Find Ultimate pickup games around the world. Beach Ultimate Lover's Association - "To assist, educate, and promote the Spirit and the game of Beach Ultimate". Bring on the sand. Paganello baby - Website of the biggest Beach Ultimate Tournament in the World. YesButNau - The French beach tournie 15 Mohawks wreaked havoc at in 2005. Kyle's Photos - Some directories of Mohawks photos from 2003.