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Tournament: Where: Date: Result: Comments:
?? ?? ?? ?? where to next?
UNO York 3-4th May ??  
UWON Guildford 19-20th Apr ??  
Outdoor Regionals ?? 1-2nd Mar ??  
UMON ?? 16-17 Feb ??  
UWIN Cardiff 2-3rd Feb ??  
UMIN Manchester 19-20th Jan ??  
Women's regionals Plymouth 24-25th Nov ??  
Mixed Regionals Sussex 10-11th Nov 1st, 14th, 15th First Regionals win in years!
Open Regionals London 3-4th Nov 3rd, 8th, 14th  
Skunks Beginners Southampton 27-28th Oct 2nd,4th Beg
6th Exp
Burla Italy 22th - 24th Sep 10th? Division 2
Copa Cobana Nottingham 25th - 27th Aug 8th AHHH ME 'EARTIES!
UWON Cardiff... maybe? 13th - 14th May 1st 1st ever Squaws Outdoor national champions!
UNO Cardiff 6th-7th May ?? ...
UMON Newcastle 23th-24th Mar 13th unlucky, some might say...
Outdoor Regionals TBA 10th - 11th Mar 3rd Nationals! Yeah baby!
Aye-Aye Open Norwich 17th - 18th Feb 1st,2nd & ?? Slim Blue, Ratcouch and hawks?
UMIN Hull 10th - 11th Feb 6th Not too shabby
UWIR Southampton 27th - 28th Jan 15th Yeah fresher women!
LWL 3 (as Brighton) London 14th Jan Open - Mixed - London Winter League
LWL 2 (as Brighton) London 10th Dec Open - Mixed - London Winter League
Indoor Nationals Sheffield 2nd - 3rd Dec 8th oh yeah! Busa points for sussex.
UMIR Sussex University 18th - 19th Nov 4th 9th & 13th Nationals and the plate... perfect
LWL 1 (as Brighton) London 12th Nov Open 3rd, Mixed 4th Yeah Bryan!
Indoor Regionals Leyton, London 4th - 5th Nov 3rd 12th 20th and 22nd FOUR TEAMS?!?
Skunks Beginners Southampton 28th - 29th Oct 7thExperienced (Tony Harrison) It's an outrage!
Pylmouth Beginner Plymouth, Obviously 21st - 22nd Oct 3rd and 5th I hear rumours about puking and buses
Burla beach Italy 22-25 Sep '06 3rd Div - 1st! Let's do the time warp again...
UWON Leeds 6-7th May '06 8th Go Strange Hawk-Aye go!
Div 2, outdoors Cardiff 29-30th Apr '06 2nd Best Div 2 team East of Dublin
UMON Newcastle 22-23rd Apr '06 5th Take a table? to Newcastle?
SEUOR Cambridge 11-12th Mar '06 4th Qualification final spectaculaire!
UWIN Nottingham 25-26 Feb '06 13th Lucky 13 for the Godesses
UMIN Sheffield 11-12 Feb '06 16th church hall? cold? no way!
LWL4 London 12 Feb '06 11th O & 6th M London Winter League -as Brighton
USWIR Sussex 28-29 Jan '06 7th Women's regionals, AND we're hosting!
LWL3 London 8 Jan '06 7th O & 7th M London Winter League - as Brighton
Surrey Slingfest Surrey 17-18 Dec '05 2nd Rough Sleepers, sleeping it rough
LWL2 London 11 Dec '05 7th London Winter League - as Brighton
Skunks Xmas Southampton 03-04 Dec '05 5th & 21st Spike, Trap, and Five gold rings.
Div 2, indoors Birmingham 26-27 Nov '05 12th Just like the ladies. Bizzare.
Damme Slamme Nottingham 26-27 Nov '05 12th Yeah Squaws, first appearance in 2 years.
Fresher's fun day Surrey 19 Nov '05 Hat Yeah Rich White!
SE Indoor regionals Sussex 12-13 Nov '05 7th & 14th Yeah US!
Edinburgh beginner's Edinburgh 29-30 Oct '05 ?? We went North in a bus... with 15 people...
Skunks mini Southampton 22-23 Oct '05

5th/16 beg
7th/8 exp

Well done beginners for being better than the experienced! Cat hand.
Women's skills day London 15 Oct '05 Great Yeah layout drill...
Yes But Nau France 14-16 May '05 24th PriceWaterHouseCooper
UMON Newcastle May '05 8th Ironwoman
SE Outdoors Holloway Mar '05 9th Plate winners
Aye-Aye Norwich Mar '05 10th Plate finalists
UMIN Norwich Feb '05 17th Spoooon winners
SE Indoors Brighton Nov '04 11th &15th  
Edinburgh beginner's Edinburgh Oct '04 15th We went North in a bus... with 14 people...
Aye-Aye Norwich Feb '04 7th Fantasink
SE Indoors Portsmouth Nov '03 15th Ironman!
Edinburgh beginner's Edinburgh Oct '03 ?

We went North in a bus... with 13 people...