Month: <span>January 2012</span>

Mohawk Emails

Spring term from Therapist

Hey all, happy 2012.

Sorry this is a couple of days late, I will say that I have been busy. Yep. Busy. Anyway, welcome back. I hope you’re all nicely setlling back into Uni life and learning lots, just a couple of quick things about this week.

Check the homepage for details on training. As an aside – hopefully the homepage will be used a bit more this coming term so keep checking it for details of trainings/socials/etc – they won’t all be posted on the forum (probably).

As for social on Wednesday – nothing official planned yet but be sure to plan Wednesday evening in Falmer bar, with a view to probably going some place slightly more exciting. We’ll see. Either way, after training come along to Falmer bar and hang out for a while.

That’s all for now. Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow!


Mohawk News

Training this Term

Happy New Year Mohawks!!!!

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are enjoying settling back into Sussex, but the most important thing in your timetables is still to be added!! Training this term will be on Wednesdays from  2.30pm (unless you’ve been invited to first team squad training) and it would be good to see you all there again this Wednesday.

So, Russell’s Clump, Wednesday 2.30pm, bring boots and light and dark tops 🙂

See you all then


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