The Basics



You’ll be spending your life’s savings on team kit soon enough, but if you’re just starting out, a dark and a light shirt are enough for dividing up and moving between teams. Shorts with a bit of stretch in them will make pivoting easier.


Nike Vapor Carbon Elite American Football Boots

Ultimate Frisbee players tend to use American Football Boots but regular football boots are good as well. Boots will be very important for all outdoor training sessions, and you will find it much easier with proper cleats.



You’ll want to pick up a waterproof jacket and trousers for those wet and windy trainings. Anything windproof and waterproof will do to keep you nice and toasty inside. Look for jackets that are lightweight, and trousers with elasticated ankle cuffs to keep them from dragging in the mud.


white_ultimate_frisbee_discs- added margin

Don’t expect the team captain to carry around 20 discs for everyone come warm up time, they’ve got enough on their plate. Bring a disc or two that you don’t mind using or losing.

Mohawks sell discs for £7 for players and alumni. Ask the men’s captain to buy any at this address([email protected]).

The Extras


Baselayer Top

Mountain/climbing baselayers are generally considered to be better quality and more effective than the sports ones, and usually around the same price. do a great review of the different types available. In short, Merino Wool feels warmer when damp, but dries out slower than synthetic fabrics.

3/4 Legging baselayers are also popular with frisbee players. Keeping you warm in winter games, but can also save your knees from some nasty scrapes on indoor or 3G surfaces.


Friction Glove

Friction gloves are the purpose made grippy gloves for frisbee. Great for wet conditions and keeping your hands warm(ish) in the cold.

If you’re not able to get hold of a pair of Frisbee gloves, then the next best thing is probably a pair of Gorilla Grip Gloves, mechanic’s gloves which you can pick up on Ebay.

Tournament Gear


Five Ultimate Tournament Bag

Duffel bags are the go-to bag for frisbee tournaments. Again, mountain/climbing bags are generally better than the sports’ equivalents. ‘The North Face Base Camp Duffel’ comes out a lot as top pick, but Helly Hansen do a great one as well. They come in several sizes; but for weekend tournaments you probably wont need to go much past the smallest size or two. Five Ultimate also offer their own frisbee specific tournament bag that Mohawks can have customised with their own squad number!

Sleeping Bag

SummitSBSQYou’re most likely be staying in halls, or in tents only in the summer, so you wont need that one you used at the top of Mt. Everest. Anything comfortable will do.


Sleeping Mat

Self-inflating are the way to go here. Roll mats will leave you cold and aching the next day, and the pump-inflated mattress are generally too heavy to be lugging between pitches, or trying to cram in the back of your mates Ford KA.

Check out these review sites for the best options:



Take your own pillow if there’s room. You’ll sleep a lot better than on a pile of your clothes.

The Luxury Items

Camping stool

Camping Stool

There’s hours at frisbee tournaments where you just hanging around waiting for your next game. Sitting on the floor is fine when its sunny and warm, but when it’s cold and wet a camping stool comes into its own. Those triangular little perches do great; beyond that, more comfort means more space in the car.


A nice strong golf umbrella that can withstand the wind will keep you and a fair few of your teammates huddled out of the rain, and it doesn’t take up that much space either.

Camping Stove

Camping Stove

We’re into luxury now. If you can fit it in your car, a camping stove can be a godsend on those freezing cold mornings. You’ll instantly be everyone’s favourite teammate when you start handing out steaming hot coffees.