In ultimate people like playing games and the Hawks are no exception. They’re not all just games either, with the Three Pint Challenge taken all so seriously. Here you will be able to hear about the more popular games and activities we get up to and the highest scores or records if the games require it. Here are some of those games:

  • Three Pint Challenge
  • Campus Disc Golf
  • 500s
  • Mac-line
  • GSK
  • Spot the Hawk
  • Mafia
  • Flubbaguts

3-Pint Challenge

How many pints of fluid can you fit in a shiny new frisbee disc? Or an old mud-covered disc for that matter. The answer, fellow Hawks, is three. But more important, and more likely to provoke your disbelief when you look at the leaderboard, is how quickly you can suck that fluid out with just one team-mate and two of MacDonald’s finest straws… We advise the use of ale, but more ambitious alcohol has been attempted (ask Felix about how that solo white wine one went down).

Campus Disc Golf

Disc golf has been a popular student past-time ever since the beginning of the Hawks in 1986, whether it’s to work on long discs or to kill off those excessive hours in between lectures/attempts at revision. For the campus course, each ‘hole’ is a pre-agreed object (“that post to the left of the gate” or “that knobbly tree on the other side of the pond”) which you must contact with your disc. Skillful players use all the throws in their arsenal to work with the wind and other conditions to advance towards the hole, combining distance and precision. Other people throw crazy stuff and see what happens. Equally valid strategies, the coaches encourage trying both approaches.

The course on campus is almost constantly evolving (mostly because they keep putting building sites over the best holes…) and is passed on from generation to generation by experienced players showing freshers round. Keep an ear out for the first round of the new year!

Use the discussion facility below to record your scores, share your comedy stories and outstanding shots.

  1. What is it
  2. Show the course somehow (google maps?)
  3. Score card
  4. leaderboard
  5. outstanding statistics (hole in 1s etc)


Night falls, and the sleepy town of Campus drifts off to the land of slumber. Unknown to its residents, a wave of murders are about to take place, as the mafia moves into the area and the townsfolk try to eliminate these violent elements from their midst. Aided by their secretive sheriffs, the civilians attempt to identify and eliminate the mafia, while the town doctor desperately tries to guess the next target and save their life in the night. But be warned, anything you say may be used against you, and accidentally defending the wrong person may get you into far more trouble than you bargained for. All this with the pressure that each night, the mafia strikes again, taking another victim out of the action and inching their way towards victory.

Introduced to the Hawks by the legendary James O’Brien in 2007, the game of Mafia has been described as amazing, addictive and one giant mind-screw. Across the course of the year, entire evenings are spent in Falmer Bar, playing this high tension game, where players take on the role of civilian, sheriff, mafia or doctor, and attempt to eliminate the other side, without taking down too many of their own in the process.

If you’re new to the game then a good place to start is the wikipedia page. After that you’ll simply need to get to Falmer bar after training and get involved.


GlaxoSmithKline is a game involving a frisbee disc, a table, washing up liquid and plenty of spinning power. Below is a deminstrational video explaining how its done. Enjoy…