Yearly Team Photos

Yearly Team Photos

We're trying to put together a nice collection of team photos for as many years as we can. If you can help please get in touch ------------



2012-2013 : This year the girls got their hat-rick of outdoor national championships.  Club also won Indoor Mixed

(Strictly L to R excluding front row of girls) Millie [Panthers Pickup], Nat, Becci, Bob, Selina, CBA, Beth, Nat, Izzy, SJB, Pete, Ella, Stu, Faron, Beth, Maggie, Abi, Geezer, Jizzy, Spoon, Felix, Onion, Jallen, Therapist, Hayden, Rachael, Ashley, DK, Evil, ShimmyJohn, Sim, Fetu, Laurence, Frenchy [top], Charlie [bottom], Sam, Frank, Prossie, Callum, Jonas, Roadtrip, Bumfluff, Taxi, Robbie, Benji, Ed, Football (Front L to R) Megan, Mette, Sarah, Gully, Sophie, Easey, Jessie, Rachal, Kim, Lucy, Starzy.

2011-2012 : The year Mohawks made the double double in Women's and Open

(Back L to R) Robbie, Oscar, Fetu, Callum, Rolls, Kneetu, Jo, Dude, Jason, Spoon, ShimmyJohn, Faron, Jonas, Longface, Dhakshi, Carolyn (Middle L to R) McCann, Evil, Football, Jallen, Therapist, Selina, Metta, SJB, Nat, Felix, Starzy, Beth, Sophie, Jessie, (Front L to R) Fluff, Jasmine, Aireys, Frank, Megan, Easey, Ashley, Lucy, Rhona, Agata, Ed, Attrill, Nina

2010/2011 : Mohawks winning all outdoor tournaments & Indoor Open for good measure

Mohawks 10-11
(Back L to R) Izzy, Faron, Spoon, Taxi, Kneetu, Prossie (2nd From Back L to R) Ed, help, Pitcher, Joe, Jonas, SJB, Oscar, Tag, Custard (Middle L to R) Dhakshi, Jessie, McCann, Rhona, Beth, Lucy, Megan, Alice, Easey, Selina (2nd From Front L to R) Callum, Ashley, Therapist, Gully, Felix, Beezer, Kim, Bumfluff, Robbie (Front L to R) help, Sara, Trophies, Lawrence, Benji


Mohawks 09-10
(Back L to R) Lucy, Rhona, Attrill, OB, Tulong, help, help, Robbie, Kim, Gully (Middle L to R) Custard, Callum, Jonas, MJ, Kneetu, Taxi, Ashley, Filth, Oscar, TY (Front almost L to R) Mikey, Fluff, Megan, SkinnyD, Therapist, Rachael, Eunuch, Felix, Pitcher (Front L to R) Beth, Sarah, Easey

2008/2009 : Mohawk squads are starting to get bigger!  Also another picture from the same year

(Back L to R) Fetu, Fluff, Filth, Harry, Therapist, Tom, Attrill, SkinnyD, Beezer, MC, Guy (Middle L to R) Janet, Galen, OB, Megan, Rachael, Eunuch, Chrissy, Longface, Sarah (Bottom L to R) Salil, TY, Felix, Pitcher, ShimmyJohn


(Top L to R) Megan, Attrill, MC, Guy, Gash, Chrissy, Bob, help, Rachael, Pinky, Kendra, Lauren, Rosie, Naureen, Sickbob (Bottom L to R) Fetu, SkinnyD, Longface, Eunuch

2006/2007 : Mohawks at Uni Mixed Indoor Regionals. Also the boys at SEUOIR and the Mohawks gang winning Burla

Mohawks 2006 (UMIR)
(Top L to R) Melanie Ades, Lindsey Weston, Dave "Herpes" Lester, Becca "Little Mo" Morris, Inese Birgele (Bottom L to R) Thomas "Roach" Roach, Richard "Gash" Harris, Tasha Gooch, James "Mac" Macdonald, Ben "Tequila" Spiers



2003/2004 : Mohawks Beginners team at Edinburgh Beginners Autumn 2003 (yes we really did drive to Edinburgh every year back then. 13 hours each way). Bonus Bob photo - her thinking the auto timer function wasn't working

Mohawk 03-04 (Beginners)
(L to R) help, Johanna "Lethal" von der Weppen, Stacey "Surplus" Kerfoot, Alize "Bob" Clough, James "Mac" Macdonald, Petra Nilsson, John Newman, Leah "Fishy" Larkin, James "Pirate" Ort, Roland "Rolls" Tomlinson, help

2002/2003 : Newbies with their passports in order to get into Scotland for Edinburgh Beginners, November 2002.  Two more photos: one from the same tournament and one from in Rimini/Paga.

Mohawks 02-03 Edinburgh Beginners
(L to R) Vicky Bosley, James "Twat Beard" Webley, Ben Miller, Ed Higbee, Crazy Rob, Helena, Stefan, Matt "Juan" Cutler, Penny, Francis, Felix, David, Kyle, Julian


(Back L to R) help, Roland Tomlinson, (gap), help, Matt "Juan" Cutler, Gaz, Jessie Brown, help, Sarah "Sheep" Davis, help, Petri Burtsov (Middle L to R) Nicole Cozens, Ed, help, Dylan, Lucy Piper, help, help (Seated L to R) help, Olly, help, help, Henry Renshaw, Felix Shardlow, James "Pigeon" Allen, James "Shed" McNaughton, Petra Nilsson (Front) Mads Jacobsen

2000/2001 : Mohawks at Indoor Nationals in Edinburgh (finished 3rd we think)

Mohawks 00-01 (UOIN)
(L to R) Will, Keith "Uncle Teef" Moon, Steven "Roof" Prince, James "Waggle" Houghton, Kate "Slime-Groove" Sygrove, Mads Jacobsen, Ben "Stroke" Crick, Jamie


1998/1999 : Mohawks at Paga

Mohawks at Paga 99

1997/1998 : Mohawks win their first outdoor national championship in Leicester.

Mohawks win Outdoor Nationals 98 in Leicester
(Top L to R) Steve Prince, Dick, Chris Williams, Kate Sygrove, Unamerican Matt, Kristina Peterson, James Houghton, Andy 'Wheels' Wales, Ala, Tim, Alex Bowers, Paul Murdock, Arne Mathisen Guldvog, Akif Khan (Bottom L to R) Tom Bollen, Kevin 'Locks' Brooks, Matt Pike, Marcus Simon







1990/1991 : Taken at a tournament held at Sussex.  Another from the same year taken at Club European Indoor Nationals in Oslo.  Thank you to Andy Strauss for these.

(Back L to R) Simon, help, Aiden, Charlie, Adrian, Meredith, Andy Strauss, Liz Bourne (Front L to R) Tyson, Jarred, Dan Bromage, Ingo Piroth, Vik Sheorey, Josh.
(Back L to R) Simon, help, Aiden, Charlie, Adrian, Meredith, Andy Strauss, Liz Bourne (Front L to R) Tyson, Jarred, Dan Bromage, Ingo Piroth, Vik Sheorey, Josh

1989/1990 : Argus Article from around this time (we think)

(Back L to R) Myk Claske, Conor Davis, help, help, Ingo Piroth, Pete (Middle L to R) help, Dan Bromage, Liz Bourne, Val Butterfield, Emily Pountney, help (Front L to R) help, Brett, Ben Klasky, Andy Strauss

1988/1989 : No photos yet but some wicked broadsheets created by the original Mohawks in their third and final year.  Again thanks to Andy Strauss.  January broadsheet and February broadsheet.