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Mohawk Emails

90’s Pub Quiz TONIGHT

The 1990’s Pub Quiz to fundraise for women’s nationals is TONIGHT at 8pm in the back of Falmer Bar! I hope to see all Mohawks and their non-frisbee friends there! If you haven’t yet spread the word;!/events/304809046243034/

See you tonight!

Mohawk Emails

Drinking Disc Golf – This Thursday!

Hey Guys!

So not only do we have to pub quiz this week, we are also hosting an evening of drinking disc golf! Now normally disc golf is something that becomes a favourite hobby in the summer months, and normally it doesn’t involve drink, but we thought we would bring those of you who haven’t played it up to speed earlier this year!

So we will meet in Falmer bar (bring drinks that you can take around the course with you) at 7:30, get into groups, and set out from there!
Group size will vary depending on who comes, but they will all start at different holes to avoid standing around being bored.

As in normal disc golf (and just plain normal golf), there is a par. For every shot you get over par, you have to drink… it’s pretty simple really!

Just to stress a few of us did this last year at the end of term and it was AMAZING – one of the best nights I had all year – definitely go if you can!!

Cya Wednesday for training followed by the Pub Quiz!!

Mohawk Emails

Monies still owed

Hey folks,

I’m sure you’re all aware about the extra money we need to pay for kit, unfortunately. Thanks to those who’ve paid. Plenty of people have not. According to Spoon’s ([email protected]) records the people on the bottom of this email have not yet paid. Please do so ASAP so that the club can breathe again.

Thank you.

In other news – go to an extra indoor session on Saturday – 10am-Midday. it’ll cost you £2 but be completely worth it. You’ll receive coaching and can work on throws and have a really useful time, so don’t miss out. It’ll get you out of bed, active and having lots of fun.

Also, charity tournament begins in 40mins. £2.50 for Sport Relief.

You can still order extra coloured kit (see and young women (born 1993 or later) should check this page: and ALL WOMEN should check this: about playing ultimate in the summer.

That’s all for me, the kit debt list is:

NB: Please, if you’re going to regionals, pay £25 for that, too.

Alex Buckley – £6
James Horsfield – £6
Natalie Hunnerman – £6
Nina Anderson – £6
Carolyn Ireland – £6
Alex Armitage – £6
Jonas Henke – £3
Jon Kit-Chan – £6
Josh George – £6
Tobias Pietrowski – £6
Starzy – £6
Severin Skillman – £6
Sam Airey – £6
Rob Ellis – £6
Edward Pocock – £6
Ann-Kathrin Koeller – £6
Tim Thorley – £6
Kyle Shurtz – £6
Faron Young – £6
Ashley Yeo – £6
Pete Howarth – £3
Benji Rees – £3
Please pay:
Mr Callum Smith
Account No: 27175839
Sort code: 603009
And don’t forget to email [email protected] & [email protected] with your name, how much you’ve paid and your reference on the bank transfer.
Mohawk Emails

Saturday Indoors – All Invited!

Howdy, Hawks.

So what do you do if you’re not away this weekend, but fancy an extra little hit of indoors?

Come down to the sports centre at 10am SATURDAY! We have 2 hours of hall time which is available for people to throw, drill and play to their hearts’ content.

It’s on top of usual training so there’s a small charge (£2), but what better chance to enjoy some extra indoor time, without the usual pitch hogs around???

I’ll be there for any throwing (or other) coaching that people would like, and you can also laugh at me throwing right-handed.



Mohawk Emails

Extra Kit Order (to be delivered at Paga)

Hey one and all,

Some of you may know that I ordered a long sleeve white Mohawks top but unfortunately it was not ordered, and I’m quite sad about this. HOWEVER, there is a light at the end of the tunnel if any of you would like to help me out…

Check this page for the best information:

If any of you want ANY shirts (ANY colour) but, importantly, with black print then reply to this email or reply on that forum page. You need to do this by tomorrow please! And it would really make me smile if we were able to get an order off. So, maybe you would like a spare red, or a green shirt, or a long sleeve white, or a yellow/blue/orange/etc with the Mohawks logo and your number. If so then order away! It’s cheaper, too, and totally worth it!

Help a brother (and a President) out,


Blog Posts

The Grudge Match

When you read the general theme of my last post (‘Leave the Lie Detector At Home’), I’m guessing quite a few people had the same thought: “yeah, most of the time no-one’s lying or cheating, but what about that bunch of ****s from <insert rival team name here>?”

Maybe your team doesn’t have a grudge match. Maybe you don’t have that one particular team who it’s HORRIBLE to play. That team that you anticipate the possible match up with before the tournament, even if they’re not in your pool. That team that you’d consider poking your eyes out rather than play against because ‘they’re such dickheads’.

But maybe you do. I often find that having a bad game against a team once generally turns into having a bad game against that team again (without doing anything to avoid it, that is). So, as I promised Therapist, here’s a few thoughts on that ‘grudge match’ – what’s going on psychologically and how you can try to salvage spirit in these games.


What we look for, we find


Humans, in general, are pretty rubbish scientists. There’s a considerable amount of research that suggests that when asked to test a statement or hypothesis, we seek out only facts which would confirm it.* Equally, we’re very good at forgetting pieces of evidence which contradict our hypothesis. Apply this to the grudge match and you’ve got a recipe for disaster: you go into the game with all your knowledge of how they’ve been terribly spirited before, and hey, guess what, you find new evidence for this theory. Lots of new evidence.

Furthermore, we interpret this bad behaviour that we’ve looked for and found completely differently to our own behaviour (which probably isn’t perfect considering it’s a grudge match). Our behaviour in this game we see as externally driven (it’s because they’re a bunch of dicks that it’s hard to play spiritedly against them) and context-specific (we’re only unspirited in this game). In contrast, we perceive their behaviour as internal (they’re behaving like dicks because they’re dicks), global (they behave like dicks against everyone) and consistent across time (they’re dicks at every tournament). In psychology, this is called the fundamental attribution error – we undervalue the impact of situational factors on the behaviour of others.

So, if they’re terrible people to everyone, all the time, why the hell should you treat them with respect? Why should you attempt to play spiritedly? Chances are you struggle to remember the answer to that question during the game, and it all goes downhill…

*the irony that this was the researchers’ hypothesis and they’ve confirmed it is not lost on me, honest.


Whatever happens, happens always


Psychology suggests that we not only go into those games looking for incidences of bad spirit (and find them), but that we go in expecting to see poor spirit, and this in turn actually has the potential to generate precisely that behaviour.

Expectancy effects are pretty phenomenal – if two people have conversations with the same stranger, but one believes that stranger to be a friendly person and the other believes them to be unfriendly, the two people behave in such different ways towards that person that the other person reacts – and reacts in the way that in turn confirms that original information. The ‘friendly’ stranger is greeted more warmly, sat closer to, engaged in more lively discsussion and in turn responds with warmer body language and more enthusiastic responses. The ‘unfriendly’ stranger experiences the reverse of this, and responds in kind, thus ‘proving’ their nature.

So not only do we underestimate the influence situational specifics have on the behaviour of our competitors, but we actually fail to realise that sometimes we are those situational factors.

Imagine you’re bringing down a high floating disc. Another player jumps at the wrong time, from the wrong angle, and wipes you out – a clear foul. What if you know that the team you’re up against has done this before? If this is your ‘grudge match’? You get pissed off. You loudly and aggressively call ‘foul’, and start muttering under your breath about their failures of spirit. They respond by contesting it. You infer that they are a terribly spirited team – how else could they contest that call?

Having calls made aggressively against you is unpleasant and tends to make you want to be aggressive back. Either you’ve got to care enough about your own spirit being good, rather than theirs being bad, or you contest it because you want to punish their poor communication.

Imagine that exact situation happens against a team you’ve had well-spirited games with in the past. Maybe you don’t even call foul straight away. You start with ‘ouch!’ and then probably tell them ‘foul’ – but the way you call it will suggest that you expect them to be entirely reasonable about it, will make them feel like you think they’re not a complete moron, and will make them far more likely to uncontest your call. You conclude that they are a well-spirited team, like you already knew, because they gave up that call.

We have the ability to elicit behaviour from our opponents, just by expecting it.


So are grudge matches doomed to remain grudge matches forever?


Er, no. Here are some ways to avoid what’s going on psychologically.


They’re people too

No, seriously. Those ‘dirty cheating scumbags’ at the other end of the pitch. They are human beings too. It is easy in the grudge match to get sucked into playing harder just to win the match and ‘prove’ who was right about those calls last time you played. Don’t give in to it. People have lives off the pitch. To view them as only your opponents on the pitch is dangerous, and leads (I’ve found) to reckless bids, and poorly discussed calls. The latter makes a game nasty and makes both your teams look bad to spectators. The former can seriously alter someone’s life.


Disprove your hypotheses; expect the unexpected

Go into the game looking for good spirit. Interpret ambiguous situations as good spirit (not cynicism, or the mimicking of spirit). Go into this game trying to convince yourselves that they’re going to be the best spirited team you play all tournament. Give them a fighting chance to prove that they’re a well-spirited team – you’d ask the same.


Recognise the Grudge Match

Other advice aside, I’d say this is the biggie. Recognising what’s going on in the grudge match is actually half the battle. Knowing that you’re psychologically wired up to a) confirm that they’re horrible people and b) cause them to behave like horrible people is a pretty big first step.

You’re going to have to work extra hard in a grudge match to be well-spirited, to not make dodgy bids, or calls, or even just to call correct things maliciously (every little travel…) or aggressively (“foul, you fouling ****!”). Maybe they’ll be working hard as well. Maybe they won’t (from your perspective). But if you value spirit of the game enough, does that matter? It’s bad enough for one team to abuse the rules/spirit (if that is what they’re doing): don’t get sucked in too.

Chances are you’ll find the game much better spirited as a whole, and much more enjoyable.


Sport Relief Fun Tournament

If you haven’t already seen on facebook/posters around uni/a post on the forum.. this friday is the SPORTS RELIEF TOURNAMENT! I realize that many people may have class on friday afternoon but it’s a very relaxed fun tournament so even if you only have an hour to spare, come down to Stanmer/Russel’s and enjoy playing some friendly frisbee for a bit. If you have the whole afternoon off, or even if you don’t, try and drag as many people with you as you can! As well as raising money for Sports Relief this is a great way to spread the word about frisbee and let people see it being played and get to play it themselves. Try to bring correct change (£2.50) and it starts at 2pm (not 1pm like it says on the posters) – see you all there! We’ll be going to Falmer bar for a few drinks afterwards so meet us in the back bar if you can’t come play – any donations welcome there too!


Mohawks Captaincy 2012/2013

Hey Guys and Girls,


Now is the time to start thinking about whether you would like to be a captain for the next academic year. Please send us a paragraph or two explaining why you think you would be good for the position and what you think you could bring to role. Please don’t do this on a whim because it takes a considerable amount of time and effort but if you think you can spare the time this is a very rewarding role and will be very good for your CV.


The positions you can apply for are:

  • Open Captain
  • Women’s Captain
  • Mixed Captain
  • Women’s Vice Captain


If you think you would be a good candidate for more than one of these positions then please apply for both (stating any preference that you have). We as captains will liaise with each other so don’t worry about applying for multiple roles. Please let us know before the end of the term so that we have Easter to discuss the applications.


Please send any Open Captain enquiries to [email protected]

Mixed Captain enquiries to [email protected]

and Women’s Captain and Women’s Vice Captain enquiries to [email protected]


Finally if you are thinking about any other committee roles then please refer to You don’t need to worry too much about this until the agm which will be some time early in the summer term but it is something to certainly consider.




Lucy, Rhona, Kneetu and Ashley


Mixed Training 22nd of February

I know you are all like, what the hell just happened, Kneetu used the blog!!!! Nah he must have got someone to do it for him or help.

Well, no I figured it out after about 2 and half hours 😀

I would like to see all our women at training please so if you were there last time come again and if you were not but are interested in playing turn up 🙂

These are the guys I would like to see a mixed training this wednesday (from 1pm)

Thank you



Super Important Update!

You all should have your nice kit by now. Looking sexy, of course. Quick thing though – the import tax was more than previously thought so we’re going to have to charge you an extra £3.00 per item but a maximum of £6 regardless of how much you’ve ordered. Please pay this ASAP as we owe Disc Doctors quite a bit of money right now (in excess of £300, and that don’t look good from us). Very sorry that we’re having to do this, very unavoidable.

Please pay:
Mr Callum Smith
Account No: 27175839
Sort code: 603009

email Spoon and Callum once you’re paid up. [email protected] and [email protected]. If you fail to email then we will assume that you have not paid, and so will chase you up. Make sure the email has useful information in it, not something crap like:

“Hey guys,
Just paid some monies.
Laterz boyz.

Be useful and instead write:

“Dear Callum and Spoon,
I have just paid £6.00, this is because I ordered three items of clothing.
My reference is: “Therapist kit”
Hope that is OK, let me know of any problems.

If you really want then you can bring the money to training on Wednesday. ONLY CORRECT MONEY WILL BE ACCEPTED.

Thank you in advance.

Young Women (born 1993 or later)
Go to GB U20’s trials. Check this page:  of the forum for details but DEFINITELY GO!

Training this Sunday (indoors)
…is at 7:30-9pm. As a one off. This will be geared towards women’s things (as it has been in 2012) so don’t be surprised if the women boss you about!

Training week 7
Mixed from 1-2:30. Kneetu WILL be in touch, won’t he Kneetu? If in doubt then please hassle him ([email protected]). Normal training from 2:30pm as ever.

Socials next week
Open regionals team specific – please make an effort to get to them and have some fun and bonding with your regionals team. I know that these have not been announced to the masses yet but they will be soon. You’ll hear from your captain very soon I imagine *hopeful grin*

Pay extra for kit (sorry) and be at trainings/socials soon.

Ciao for now,