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Tis the Season…

Some words of wisdom from your Mohawk Elders to help make benefit to enjoy the festive season…

Christmas is a wonderful, magical time of the year. But it is easy to stray from the path of righteousness, and the time-honoured ways of the past. So here is some advice from our more senior members on how to enjoy the festive season.

Go to Christmas Practice. Do not leave uni before then, and for the love of god do not plan on going home that evening. Missing your train/plane/ride is probably the best outcome from that decision.

Now that you are going to Christmas practice, do not take beer. Or cider. Mohawks are not anti-beer or anti-cider, but rather beer and cider are anti-Christmas. In order to be full of Christmas Spirit, you must, logically, be full of spirit. It is a necessary condition, if you will.

However, should you choose not to consume alcoholic beverages at this session, we are of course a club that supports your arguably better lifestyle choices. You will also enjoy Christmas practice – mainly because everyone will be so terrible at ultimate that you feel like a god, but also because you will be spending fun and special time with a pretty sweet group of people.

Christmas is the season of giving and sharing. Scientific experiments have shown that people who give are happier than people who take. Give, and share. Bring a bottle of spirits, and do not expect to take any home. If you have some left at the end (assuming you are capable of recognising a bottle by the end), this is a bonus. Share spirits with your friends and teammates and be merry.

There have been some tragic misunderstandings of tradition in recent weeks. Stu valiantly saved the grand tradition of Falmer bar socials after people were confused and thought ‘Falmer bar social’ meant ‘staying in the bar for a bit then clubbing’. By the courage Stu showed in the face of the Dr Who society, and some epic Ro Sham Bo skills, our glorious tradition lives on.

But I digress. My point was – next Wednesday is not a day for clubbing. If you go clubbing, or out in town, after Christmas practice, one of two things has happened: either you are far too sober and have not committed like a true Mohawk to Christmas practice and the ensuing festivities, or you are far too drunk and should not be allowed to make decisions by yourself, lest you end up losing your phone, keys, wallet, bike lock, bike lights, jacket, iPod and other various necessities. Friends don’t let friends leave Christmas practice for town – I’m sorry we let you down, Fetu.

Blog Posts

Alright Darlin’

You could certainly say that a lot of Frisbee has been played in these last couple of weeks; degrees have suffered, better halves have endured and washing machines have worked over time, but hasn’t it been a grand, roll-curve-ercoaster of a term. I personally have found myself reacting to victories and losses in ways that I have never found myself reacting to competition before.

Let’s start with a low; the arena – Moulsecoomb Leisure Centre, the battle – Coathangers vs Knifecrime, the fallout – heartbreak and a seemingly inescapable abyss of disappointment and self-loathing. What could bring Geezer out of this draining sulk-pit? One thing did – Pride. Two days later around 40 lovely Mohawks strutted/fell in a fluster into the sports dome in Chichester. All 4 teams did amazingly well. Mo1 took the trophy, Mo2 took the plate, MoGee dealt with Maggie all weekend, MoZer took the spirit prize and the majority of people eventually got the moGEE-moZER joke! So thank you everyone for lifting the shadow that fell over me.

The next weekend was Open Indoor Nationals, and it was absolutely mad. For the second national tournament in a row we had two teams represented in the first division. This stat has been thrown around a lot, but just think about it………………….. pretty good, right! Dramatic Frisbee was played, emotions were toyed with, that American dude that sounded like a foghorn became steadily more famous and in the end we won Spirit which, in such a hotly contested tournament, was actually a very nice consolation prize that I think we should be very proud of, especially with Football on the team, celebrating like Eric Cantona and all that. I am now so pumped for the outdoor season.

In the club’s third tournament weekend on the trot, the Women took on Nationals. They finished higher than they have since 2006/7 and, by default and accident, won spirit, leading many to believe there must be a conspiracy that Sussex Frisbee teams cannot leave tournaments without silverware, even when they don’t win any.  Let’s not complain eh.

The Christmas meal was last night, and whilst everyone gathered around for President Jessie’s presentation, I was stood at the back of the crowd by one of the few tables that civilians were occupying. They ushered me over, obviously interested as to what the commotion was all about. “Who are you all?” one of them asked. “Us” I said as I looked around at the crowd, seeing old faces, familiar faces, fresh faces and finally Kota’s ecstactic, formerly mustachioed face as he looked at his card (we’ll miss you buddy), “Us………….We are the Mohawks”.

Needless to say this poor woman is none the wiser as to who we are, but I feel great for saying it so that’s fine.
Well done to everyone this term and Merry Christmas.

Love from Geezer