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Training Cancelled Tomorrow (18/01/13)

Hey Hawks!

So I know you are all super keen to play Ultimate tomorrow, however due to a dangerously icy pitch and the imminent arrival of snow tomorrow training is cancelled…

The good news is that training will as we can foresee be on next Wednesday! EVERYONE come along from 1 o’clock to Russells Clump for the first outdoor training of the term!!

Cya all soon! Much Love,

Prossident Pete x

Brighton News

Brighton 1 (message from Rich Therapist Roberts)

Hello hello.

For those of you not in the know, I captained BU1 last season and am doing so again this time around. Last year was a real learning curve for me and so this year is going to be run better, smoother and taste sweeter than last. I am, with the help of my stallion co-captains Robbie, Felix & Longface, planning on running two teams this year with great cohesion and togetherness. We will train together (monthly) for the large part, and movement between the teams from one Tour to the next will be possible and likely.

In order to do that, we need manpower, and that means the likes of YOU are invited to trial on January 19th & 20th, 12:30 for a prompt start at 13:00, Preston Park. This will be run, depending on numbers, like our normal training sessions will be throughout the season whilst giving us a chance to watch you and see what potential you have. Following this we will have an invite trial on February 2nd/3rd to then select the initial training squad from.

You don’t need to be the finished product – we’ve a great coaching set-up and are keen to use that. So even if you’re new to the sport we want to encourage you to sign up to the trials and give it a go. We are looking for potential talent as much as current talent so please sign up and be there!

We are looking for a good level of commitment this season as this is how we are going to build for the future and have a realistic chance of competing at the top end of nationals for the next few years. We will, therefore, have monthly training sessions (usually Saturday afternoon & Sunday morning with some form of social on the Saturday night) that you will be required to attend (but for a really good excuse). Commitment to tournaments is obviously why you want to play! But we will talk about that after the trial weekends.

If you are planning on attending, or if you cannot but would like to still be considered for the squad this year then fill in the form:

If you come along without having filled in the form then we will encourage people not to throw to you, so please do. It will help us plan, and you’ll only get emailed in the case of cancellation if you’ve told us you want to come!

Any questions, don’t hesitate to ask,

Therapist, Robbie, Felix & Longface

Mohawk Emails

Mohawks are Going out This Saturday 8/12/12


So Gash and Eunuch are coming down on Saturday for a Clapham training day for a couple of the Mohawks, and after the hard work of training, they want to go out, and every Mohawk in the whole wide world is invited!

We are meeting in Spoon’s on NORTH STREET at 8:30 this Saturday, then heading to Madame Geisha (plans may change) later on for this night!

You have no excuse for not coming – your assignments will be done, you love the Mohawks, but more importantly when was the last time you partied down on a Saturday night? Exactly 🙂

Come Come 🙂

Prossie x


Kit Ordering, Nationals + Other Fun!

Hey Hawks, your friendly neighbourhood Prossident here!

So you can totally order kit now which is really exciting, and the fact we are sponsored by 5 ultimate now means that it is ultra-cheap!

You can find all the details here:

A few important details include

1. You MUST order full kit if you are a beginner this year (red, black and white shorts)

2. Ordering and Paying deadline is the 12th December – unless you pay, you WILL NOT get kit.

Secondly, a belated congratulations to Mo1 for coming 4th at Nationals, and to Mo2 for showing that they are just as strong as a lot of first teams and coming 14th at Div2 Nationals!

Good luck to all the Squaws going to Nationals in Cardiff this weekend!

See you all soon!

Prossie x


Mohawks Newsletter Week 7/8

Hey ‘hawks!

Firstly, try and grab a copy of the badger this week – your very own Vice-President Mr. Sam Airey has written an article about the unbelievable success of the Mohawks at regionals – between the Women’s teams and the Open teams, we will have a massive 4 teams representing us at Nationals!

Secondly, a massive thank you to Fetu, Meg and James for hosting what was an incredible UV party on Friday! Incredible as always!


Remember training this Wednesday for beginners starts at 2:30 not 3, due to it getting dark and depressing!

Training on Friday is Indoor Invite-Only, everyone else outside – it will be fun (and hopefully not too wet!)


CBA (Al Gore) has kindly said he can host the awesome toga house party this Wednesday in Norwich House – it’s gonna be epic! If you don’t know what a toga party is, follow these links…

Mixed Regionals

The third, and according to Shimmy, the best regionals, is coming this weekend! If you are playing, make sure you have £15 of credit in the Mohawks account – if you don’t, pay Ash or you can’t play!


Well, that’s all folks,

Prossie x


Mixed Regionals – HOSTS NEEDED

Hey Mohawks,

I have a massive favour to ask of you guys!

Firstly thanks again to all those who hosted at Open Regionals – you guys are legends and my new favourite Mohawks!

However I am going to ask you guys all again if anyone can host this coming weekend for mixed?

The benefits

– girls are a lot cleaner and less smelly than boys and therefore your house will be 50% less smelly and 50% more clean

– I will love you, and Prossie-Love isn’t empty and meaningless at all

– Brand new friends from different universities who will respect you and all your life decisions

The costs

– None

After studying the extremely scientific analysis above, you will see that hosting is an awesome thing – PLEASE GET IN TOUCH WITH ME

If you don’t have my number, now you can! 07817201638 – or facebook me, whatever, like.



Prossie x


Mohawk Emails


Hey guys,

So this weekend there is no official tournament, however Kent Touch This (Kent University) are hosting an awesome hat tournament called Hammertime!


The tournament takes place in Canterbury – we will take an early train there on the Saturday Morning (if enough of us go it will be super cheap through the use of group savers) – the tournament is free so all you need to pay for is food and train fare!


The way a hat tournament works is that you are put in a team with random other players, however at Hammertime, teams have themes, which also involve some form of costume…


I cannot stress enough how fun this weekend is (we will be home by Sunday lunch time, accommodation will be provided) especially for Freshers who want to improve, but want to have LOADS of fun at the same time (plus the Saturday night party is frickin awesome)


Text me (Prossie) if you are interested – 07817201638

and more info can be found here…

Let me know ASAP so accommodation and train can be sorted – don’t hesitate!!

Prossie x


Newsletter Week 6/7

Hey Hawks Young and Older,


Open Regionals

Firstly, well done to all the people that played this weekend. Entering 5 teams into a regional tournament is almost unheard of – countless people from other teams over the weekend were so impressed by what Mohawks as a club have achieved, so well done! Talking of achievements, once again well done to Mo1 for winning (keep it up!). My favourite stat of the weekend was when the top 12 teams got frozen in place. Among those 12 teams were 10 first teams, Mo2 and Mo3 – absolutely incredible that not only can we have a presence at a tournament like we did, but we can also do amazingly on the pitch as well!!



For freshers and beginners this week, training starts at the new time of 2:30! Due to daylight running away, we want you guys to have as much time as possible to train so get there 30 mins early to get maximum training!



There is a social this week happening tomorrow… Ask Mette and Maggie – there should be something on the forum very soon!

On Friday, Fetu and Meg and James are hosting the 2nd annual UV RAVE PARTY!! Last year was absolutely incredible – come along – bring UV paint, lots of white stuff, and even more alcohol – it will be SPECIAL. More details can be found of facebook – ask Fetu tomorrow for more information like address and the like – all Mohawks are invited.


See you guys very soon

Prossie x