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Oh lovely, what a lovely weekend.

As I am such an active user on the Mohawks website (as you can see from my lack of picture), I decided I would write a small summary of the weekend and how talented, strong, lovely, creamy and sexy our team is.

Let’s think about this. If you were 3rd team at the weekend, you’d probably be picked for most other uni’s 1st team. What? That’s mental. It’s incredible to see people playing for weeks and then going to Regionals and dominating people from other teams who have played for years. I love that we have the motivation and ability to train people like that and blow the competition away.

My personal experience this weekend was great. The main thing I enjoyed was the last 3 games of Sunday. For the Kent game Hayden often played our ‘stronger lines’ to guarantee the win and that game really cemented our playing style together. I felt I played well and everyone else was so calm on the disc playing against the zone that we proved we should be amongst the top 1st teams in our region. I came out of that on a high and was ready to smash our way to Div 1 in the next 2 games. Hayden spoke to us before Sublime and emphasised that we had made nationals and from then on we would go back to everyone playing as much as possible because it was unrealistic to play the strongest line the whole time. The amazing thing about our team is that this didn’t affect anything and probably made us stronger. Our weakness on the Saturday had been our O, but in the Sublime and Surrey games we barely made a mistake, you wouldn’t have been able to tell we had freshers on our team with Glen orchestrating a lot of the up-field play and Andrew throwing a perfect knife assist. Even though sublime went to sudden death, the game didn’t feel that tense because all our players were keeping their heads and still running their hardest on D.

Overall, it was one of the best tournaments I’ve played and we all showed we deserve our spot as one of the best clubs┬áin the UK.

Love, hugs and bumsex,

Jallen xxxxx