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Quick Hits: Tactics and Throwing

So, I foolishly left my biiiiiiiig developmenty blog post on my computer at home, but while taking a little break from work I thought I’d put up a couple of things I’ve wanted to mention, but don’t really merit posts themselves… So here they are.

Tactics, or Hmmm, why do we do this again?

I played with a cool Austrian team at Windmill Windup a couple of weeks ago. And they played a ‘standard’ offence which freaked me out. Playing out of vertical stack they had THREE handlers back. Three. Not two. Weird.

I didn’t like it. And it took me a while to work out that it wasn’t that I was just being fussy, and it wasn’t what I was used to but that actually the 2-5 set up suited my “style” better. To me, vert is all about breaking the mark, which becomes super difficult when there’s an extra poachy d player hanging out in the around break lane – all you’ve got is the IO, and if the force takes that away, you are stumped. Sure, you can throw the disc to the handler whose mark is in the around lane, but it’s not a damaging, play-starting throw.

Lesson learned: 2-5 is cool, and not just cos it’s the way we play vert, but more generally, try to work out *why* we play particular sets we do, why in women’s we play “don’t get beaten to the open side under” defence… If you know why a tactic is getting used, you can work out when it won’t work and stop using it.

Throwing, or Why does my sidearm suck?

My main whinge at Felix in the Spring term was, “How come my sidearm sucks?” And y’know, I tried a few adjustments, failed to improve, tried a few more adjustments, still sucked. I was frustrated. Because it’s frustrating to be rubbish at a particular throw (or at least, behind where you should be for how long you’ve been playing).

And then I started throwing more. Not just a bit more, loads more. Right now, I haven’t thrown for two days. And that feels weird. It feels like ages since I’ve thrown. And while it’s not cool that I haven’t thrown for two days (naughty Megan), it is cool that it feels weird. And that my sidearm sucks less.

Lesson learned: If you want to be better at throwing, throw around more. It is embarrassing that I had not tried this before…

Mohawk News

Funding for coaching qualifications.

Please read: Information from Andy from activities about a couple of things including funding for those interested in getting coaching qualifications.

Hello all,

I hope you are all starting to relax and enjoy your summer break. 

I’m writing to inform you all of some new opportunities that will become available to our sports club members next year. 

Before I outline these opportunities I would also like to say a huge congratulations to one and all of you. We are currently sitting 41st in the BUCS table. This is our highest ever position and we are currently 1 place above Brighton Uni, who by the way we beat at Varsity this year to!

On to next year and the new initiatives we have available to help us push on and brake into the top 40 for the first time.

The second new opportunity for next year is the creation of a student coaching fund. We have a pot of money to help fund sports club member’s to gain coaching qualifications with a view to using them to help develop our clubs. We will also encourage people to use any qualifications gained to use them in community based projects, such as link-up with Project V.
We are especially keen on students who are interested in this opportunity to get qualified over the summer so that they can then put the qualifications to use from the start of term.

Anybody who is interested in applying for funding for qualifications should email me with their name, email address, phone number and which sport and level of qualification they are interested in doing. As with the focus sport expression of interest this information needs to be sent to me by 5pm on Monday 2nd of July. If you are interested but don’t manage to get your info to me by the deadline then don’t worry, there will be more opportunities to apply further into next year.


Mohawk Emails

Awards Dinner Info

To those of you going to the awards dinner tomorrow (Thursday evening).


You need to be at the Thistle hotel (located on the seafront) at 7.00pm. Dinner will be served at 7.30pm so do not be late. There is a bar in the hotel so we can’t bring our own drinks in.


Dress code is formal (suits and dresses) so bring out your best for the evening!


After dinner we will have the awards and dancing. We have the venue and the DJ until 1:00am so prepare for a good Mohawks party!!!!!!


Looking forward to seeing everyone looking dapper!



Mohawk Emails

Awards Dinner- Tomorrow

Hi Guys,

So  I hope you are all as excited as I am for the Awards Dinner tomorrow:

  • Thistle Hotel (On the seafront near Pitcher and Piano), 7pm for a 7.30 meal

This is quite a formal event so nice dresses for the girls and suit/smart clothing for the guys.

This is just a polite notice, if anyone is thinking they can just turn up for the DJ after the meal I would like to inform you that firstly this will be highly frowned upon and secondly you will be charged £10, what everyone else has had to pay for  the DJ and hire of the room. However please do not do this, the other captains and I have put a lot of effort into this and you did have plenty of time to sign up, we don’t want the stress and it really isnt fair on anyone else. Sorry if this is a bit rude but is the fairest way we can do it 🙂

So, looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow in your smart and nice dresses for an evening of the celebrating the success of the Mohawks 🙂 Also if anyone has a good camera/ is good at photography please bring a camera along it would be great to have some nice photos of everyone at this fancy event 🙂

Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow 🙂

Lucy xxx

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What We Leave Behind: Part 1

This is the first in a series aimed mainly at players returning for their final year of uni ultimate – originally an idea for one post, it turned into a series when I realised that I wanted to set the backdrop properly, and that there’s a ton of stuff going on in your last year(s).

Part 1: Legacy

“What you build, what you’ve built, means nothing, weighed against what you leave behind.”

Knuckle Hungry, Planes Mistaken for Stars.

This, for me, sums up my first ‘round’ of university ultimate as an undergraduate, and a lot of the feelings I have as a post-grad player, with the “end” rapidly approaching.

As an undergraduate player, I was obsessed with ultimate in a particular way: determined to be less terrible than I was (and I was pretty terrible at first!), desperate to understand as much of the game as possible, desperate to play as much of the game as possible. I think this is a pretty defining feature for many of us in our first few years – it is about us and us getting better as players.

I captained in my second year, which felt like a pretty giant responsibility – making sure we recruited enough players to survive, while trying to develop those we had already (which wasn’t many). We took 7 players to indoor regionals, and that was pretty much our entire women’s team. It was a tough year to captain.

Looking back, I am a little saddened that captaining in my second year didn’t give me a better appreciation of the importance of ‘development’ in my third. My last year of university ultimate, and I was concerned with how we would do as a team that year, rather than with who would replace our four big players when they left at the end of the year.

Hitting the deck with the third team in fifth year

Doing a masters was pretty important for me academically, but in ultimate terms, I began to view it as a second chance – a chance to make amends for the short-sightedness of my time as an undergraduate player. I struggled to have enough time in my masters year to put in consistent coaching hours, but since then have done my best to ‘make amends’.

One of the reasons we won nationals every other year for so long (2007-2011) was that we were almost always planning for ‘next year’. I’m here ‘next year’, but I can’t guarantee I will be the year after. As I get closer to the end of my university time, I realise that this year, I don’t just need to plan as a coach for next year, but the year after that also. Without meaning to be a big-headed ****, I know I’m leaving behind some big throwing away shoes for people to step into, and more importantly (I think) some big tactical shoes. It is going to take more than one season for our team to work out how to fill them – so we need to be starting the whole process now.

I’ve had some wobbles with coaching motivation recently – weighing developing the team against developing as a player and the benefits of each is a tricky one – but the more I think about leaving Sussex, the more I realise that I would rather leave a fantastic team behind, than leave as a better player.

Possibly my favourite fact about our women’s team is that I remain the only captain of the last six years not to have captained a nationals winning team. And that’s ok with me, provided I leave our future women’s captains with the tools they need to keep winning, long after I’m gone.

The Nationals Winning Team of 2012 – and 2013, and 2014…

Paying for the new BU(1) kit.

Hey folks,

If you ordered kit then it is here! Less the shorts but they will be soon.
So I would like to charge you, please.

Shirts cost £15 a shirt
Shorts cost £18.50 a pair
Hoodies cost £20

Please pay to:
Mr RJ Roberts

Email president[at]mohawks[dot]co[dot]uk once you’ve paid telling me how much, your reference and when you paid, and your name.

If you’re unsure what you ordered please refer back to: or simply ask me via email.

Once you’ve paid, I will confirm it and then sort out when to get your kit to you (I’m out of town until after Tour 2 so probably not until then).

Cheers all. Please pay ASAP as I now owe 2D clothing plenty of money.


Why not “like” 2D Clothing, too: