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Nationals Information Pack

Hey all.

Here is a VERY IMPORTANT information pack for all of you going to Nationals this weekend. Please read it and take it all on board.

Mohawks at Nationals Itinerary

If you need to contact drivers then please do so ASAP.

Can’t wait to go and show the country what Mohawks can do again this year!!

See you all tomorrow!



IMPORTANT – Nationals

To all those going to Nationals this weekend.

You MUST have Sports Membership with the students union. (You should all already have this but just make sure!)

You MUST have FULL or UNI / UNDER 18 FULL MEMBERSHIP with UKU. You can upgrade to this from your account on their website.

If you fail to meet either of these criteria you will not be playing nationals.

Captains, please check and chase up where appropriate.


See you all at Varsity and the AGM tomorrow 😀



Hi all,

So we finally have a confirmed venue for Varsity!

2.30pm at Falmer Sports Complex on the rugby pitch after the rugby game.

Come along, enjoy the sun*, and support Mo1 against Brighton Panthers 😀

*No guarantees about the weather. If cloudy, I’m sure someone will have a copy of the popular tabloid for you to enjoy instead.

Hope to see you all there 🙂



Team Photo

Hey Hawks,

Quick reminder that the team photo is tomorrow.

Please meet in the FALMER HOUSE COMMON ROOM @ 12.15.

Be in full, clean kit (white shorts and black top).

Bring £10 if you want to buy a copy (recommended).

See you all there,



Mohawks training begins again!

Evening all.

Mohawks training starts again this Wednesday at 1pm.

The 1pm start time is for everyone so please don’t be late. We will start the warm up at 1.05 and then get into it 🙂

Looking forward to seeing you all again and to an exiting outdoor season!

Note: Weather dependant, the session may be called off however I will update you all on that on this here forum on Wednesday morning so look out for that. We may well still just have a fun snow game 😀

See you all soon!



Exiting News for 2013!

Hey Mohawks!

Your friendly Captain here with holiday wishes and good tidings… And news about the amazing up-coming outdoor season we are all about to go into!

Quick couple of things ready for a big outdoor season next term:

Firstly, the coaches and captains have had a sit down and looked through all the feedback we got from last term’s training sessions and we have taken it all on board so the plan for next term should be really focused on what we need to do to make you all even more amazing as players and make sure you all have a great time doing it 🙂

Secondly, the format of trainings will be slightly different from now on. I will post exact times and dates for the first training sessions back very soon so keep an eye out for that!

Another very important thing to mention is that so far the Facebook group and page have been used fairly heavily up until now. However from now on, all information will be on the FORUM so pleeease make sure you check that regularly to make sure you are up to date with everything that is going on in the club. Maybe even have it as one of your home tabs so its there every time you open up the internet 🙂

Lastly, but most definitely not least, make sure you keep throwing regularly and do some fitness before you get back to uni. It really shows who has been throwing over the holiday and who hasn’t and it makes a massive difference to the effectivness of training if we all work on our skills outside of Wednesday practices. Next term is going to be a lot more focused and more intense at trainings to make sure we all get the most out of the limited training time we have. So go burn off all that turkey and christmas pudding and get yourselves in tip top shape for what promises to be an awesome season for this club 😀

I hope you all have a great New Year and I can’t wait for a wicked 2013 with all you Hawks!!

Yours excitedly,

Lorenzo / Jasmine

Mohawk Emails

Surrey Slingfest

Hey Hawks,

3rd time lucky with this email! Maybe it will send properly!

So Gash has entered Grand Hawks (you may have seen them at SICKO, they are *almost* all ex-Mohawks) into Santa’s Surrey Slingfest indoor tournament next weekend – 15th/16th December.

Tournament info can be found here:

If you can play Ultimate Frisbee, be a fun person and would like to play, then please email Gash at: [email protected]

(msg from Fetu – sorry about the test email!)


Training Feedback form

Hi all,

Here is a quick feedback form regarding training for this last term and next. Please fill it out as soon as you can so we can plan next term’s sessions 🙂



Hi All,

Firstly, so proud of this club for what it has achieved so far this term! We have a team representing Mohawks in EVERY division of university indoor nationals!! What an achievement.

But, to be able to compete at nationals we must all have the right memberships etc. I know this is boring but it is vital or we will be disqualified.

This is to ALL those playing in ANY form of nationals (so a lot of you).

Please ensure that you have sports fed membership with the university. I’m sure you do all have this but if you haven’t then I don’t know how you have got away with it but you MUST have it!

If you have not already, then you must also upgrade your UKU membership to Uni/U18 Full Membership. This will cost you a little extra but it is still a hell of a lot cheaper than if you weren’t a student 🙂 If you don’t have this come the saturday morning of whichever competition, you WILL NOT BE PLAYING.

On a quick note, if you are still on the debt list then shame on you. The club is owed hundreds of pounds now from people not paying for things. PAY NOW or your fees will keep rising and we may decide that you are banned from playing until your debt is cleared.

That’s all for now, so make sure this is all sorted and then we will all be happy 🙂

Keep up the good work that you have all started this year and here’s to some nationals titles coming our way!