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Brighton News

Brighton 1 (message from Rich Therapist Roberts)

Hello hello.

For those of you not in the know, I captained BU1 last season and am doing so again this time around. Last year was a real learning curve for me and so this year is going to be run better, smoother and taste sweeter than last. I am, with the help of my stallion co-captains Robbie, Felix & Longface, planning on running two teams this year with great cohesion and togetherness. We will train together (monthly) for the large part, and movement between the teams from one Tour to the next will be possible and likely.

In order to do that, we need manpower, and that means the likes of YOU are invited to trial on January 19th & 20th, 12:30 for a prompt start at 13:00, Preston Park. This will be run, depending on numbers, like our normal training sessions will be throughout the season whilst giving us a chance to watch you and see what potential you have. Following this we will have an invite trial on February 2nd/3rd to then select the initial training squad from.

You don’t need to be the finished product – we’ve a great coaching set-up and are keen to use that. So even if you’re new to the sport we want to encourage you to sign up to the trials and give it a go. We are looking for potential talent as much as current talent so please sign up and be there!

We are looking for a good level of commitment this season as this is how we are going to build for the future and have a realistic chance of competing at the top end of nationals for the next few years. We will, therefore, have monthly training sessions (usually Saturday afternoon & Sunday morning with some form of social on the Saturday night) that you will be required to attend (but for a really good excuse). Commitment to tournaments is obviously why you want to play! But we will talk about that after the trial weekends.

If you are planning on attending, or if you cannot but would like to still be considered for the squad this year then fill in the form:

If you come along without having filled in the form then we will encourage people not to throw to you, so please do. It will help us plan, and you’ll only get emailed in the case of cancellation if you’ve told us you want to come!

Any questions, don’t hesitate to ask,

Therapist, Robbie, Felix & Longface


Exiting News for 2013!

Hey Mohawks!

Your friendly Captain here with holiday wishes and good tidings… And news about the amazing up-coming outdoor season we are all about to go into!

Quick couple of things ready for a big outdoor season next term:

Firstly, the coaches and captains have had a sit down and looked through all the feedback we got from last term’s training sessions and we have taken it all on board so the plan for next term should be really focused on what we need to do to make you all even more amazing as players and make sure you all have a great time doing it 🙂

Secondly, the format of trainings will be slightly different from now on. I will post exact times and dates for the first training sessions back very soon so keep an eye out for that!

Another very important thing to mention is that so far the Facebook group and page have been used fairly heavily up until now. However from now on, all information will be on the FORUM so pleeease make sure you check that regularly to make sure you are up to date with everything that is going on in the club. Maybe even have it as one of your home tabs so its there every time you open up the internet 🙂

Lastly, but most definitely not least, make sure you keep throwing regularly and do some fitness before you get back to uni. It really shows who has been throwing over the holiday and who hasn’t and it makes a massive difference to the effectivness of training if we all work on our skills outside of Wednesday practices. Next term is going to be a lot more focused and more intense at trainings to make sure we all get the most out of the limited training time we have. So go burn off all that turkey and christmas pudding and get yourselves in tip top shape for what promises to be an awesome season for this club 😀

I hope you all have a great New Year and I can’t wait for a wicked 2013 with all you Hawks!!

Yours excitedly,

Lorenzo / Jasmine

Blog Posts

Holiday Learning – Focus

So, you’re home for the holidays, and you’re bored and no-one back home plays frisbee. You’re gonna suck when you get back to uni, right? Wrong! Aside from option 1 (take your disc out, throw by yourself), there are many other ways to keep learning about ultimate, even if you’ve got less opportunities to play… Like reading my ideas about defence, say…

Focus – and the weirdest drill you’ll ever do

Last weekend, I played a tournament in the Netherlands with a mixed team, who I had played either little or not at all with. Needless to say, even if I wasn’t pretty crap at indoors, I wouldn’t have been too much use on offence. Mostly I ran around and played D, which was fun – and I was pretty successful, I realised on Monday on my way home. I didn’t get scored on open side the entire weekend.

Now, as defensive tournaments go, I’m pretty happy with that, but it’s also raised an interesting point when talking to Fetu about it, which was the importance of focus on defence, especially indoors.

The last time Squaws were in the top 8 indoors, I believe we got there with defence. We were next to every catch, we were hardly broken, and we were intense. In recent years, we’ve lost that intensity, and you can see it in the footage of the last Skunks possession from outdoor nats – we’re sort of trying to beat our women under, to the open side, but we stuff up quite a few times, before they turn over due to the wind. Mostly, this works for us outdoors – our defence is good enough to force quite small throws, and keep forcing them (even if they are to the open side) until the wind or an error from the other team does our work for us.

Indoors, this defence sucks. There’s no wind, which not only means no wind-assisted turnovers, but also means that errors from the other team are rarer. There are less drops, less turfed discs. Equally, there is far, far less space. The proportion of the pitch our opposition gain outdoors against our D is insufficient to trouble us – the endzone is still at least half a pitch away. Indoors, they’ve scored from about two thirds as many open side throws as we let them make outdoors.

We can play better defence than this – and a lot of it is down to an ability to focus intensely on the job at hand – not getting beaten to the open side. Outdoors, a lapse in focus is a reset stallcount. Indoors, a lapse in focus is a score.

Focus is an odd ability. Some people seem to have it, others don’t. What’s important is not how good you are at it right now – but how much you practice it. Which leads me to the weirdest drill ever.

Next time you’re walking by yourself or on the bus or train, find a sign or point of interest to focus on. Fix your gaze on this object – but don’t think about it. All you’re doing is looking at it, without thinking about anything else, or even about it. At some stage, you’ll either pass this object, or (more likely) lose your focus – a thought will pop into your mind. When that happens, the drill is over. Take a moment to have some scrambled thoughts, then clear them away and refocus on a new sign. Repeat for the rest of your journey, until you almost miss your stop and have to clamber over a pushchair to get out of the train.

You will look weird, and like you are someone who is bizarrely fascinated by mundane objects. But you will get more practiced at focusing, and at blurring out the world around you and your own thoughts while doing so.

Outdoors, you don’t *need* as much focus – there’s bigger spaces involved so the benefits of speed and athleticism become greater in relation to it. But extra ability to focus will always do you good, whatever surface you’re playing D on, so get practicing.

Note – drill totally stolen borrowed from ultimate techniques and tactics.

Mohawk Emails

Surrey Slingfest

Hey Hawks,

3rd time lucky with this email! Maybe it will send properly!

So Gash has entered Grand Hawks (you may have seen them at SICKO, they are *almost* all ex-Mohawks) into Santa’s Surrey Slingfest indoor tournament next weekend – 15th/16th December.

Tournament info can be found here:

If you can play Ultimate Frisbee, be a fun person and would like to play, then please email Gash at: [email protected]

(msg from Fetu – sorry about the test email!)

Mohawk Emails

Mohawks are Going out This Saturday 8/12/12


So Gash and Eunuch are coming down on Saturday for a Clapham training day for a couple of the Mohawks, and after the hard work of training, they want to go out, and every Mohawk in the whole wide world is invited!

We are meeting in Spoon’s on NORTH STREET at 8:30 this Saturday, then heading to Madame Geisha (plans may change) later on for this night!

You have no excuse for not coming – your assignments will be done, you love the Mohawks, but more importantly when was the last time you partied down on a Saturday night? Exactly 🙂

Come Come 🙂

Prossie x


My Thoughts After Nationals

Fourth place at nationals would be a massive achievement for 90% of the teams in the UK. But for us we walked away feeling like we’d missed an opportunity that we’d messed it up. There’s lots of reason that you can put forward as to why it didn’t happen for us and a lot more than I will talk about here.

Going into the weekend we felt like we were the best there was and thought that we might have some tough games but we would come through them. On reflection I think we were right and wrong at the same time. We definitely did have the best group of players, one on one nobody could go blow for blow with us. However that’s not what it takes to win, we might have been the best collection of players but we certainly weren’t the best TEAM. It’s the old saying which gets banded around so much that you get sick of hearing that “the best players don’t make the best team” but on this occasion it was 100% true. It was no one’s fault and it can’t be, to be a team you have to work to improve things together. We simply didn’t do enough, train enough, or play enough together.

I look at Birmingham and think how the hell did they even get close to us, they probably don’t have a player in the team that would make the top four of ours. Teamwork goes a long way but we weren’t that bad. Then I think back to 2010 when we were chasing our first national championship for a long time. We weren’t expected to do anything special, maybe top four would have been great for Mohawks in a lot of other people’s eyes. We had a belief that we would win it all and that we were the best team and had something to prove and something to fight for. Even though Birmingham came up short they reminded me a lot of that team we had in 2010. The hunger was there, the excitement, the cohesion and the belief that they could win, they worked hard and ran all day on defence. They were probably just two top end players short of being able to win it all.

I look at our team and think we wanted to win but maybe the belief wasn’t right. I think we all thought it would come to us easily just like regionals had and like we expected. It’s nationals and the quality is ever improving, no team is going to be able to show up and hope for an easy ride. The way we went up in games and then expected to coast made me think that this was certainly one of our big problems. Maybe we had the desire to win just didn’t want to work hard for it.

Then I think about the Brimingham game again and I think they just wanted it more, 3rd to them meant a lot more than it did to us. We have got to the position where we are at the top but because most of those people that worked there arses off in those meaningless games over the years building up to this have gone there are few who realise that pain that it takes to be the best. It’s time to realise that it’s hard to get to the top but it’s even harder to stay there.

At some point it might be a year it might be two or three, the club will have to rebuild and we need to keep the desire and spirit to succeed going. We need to work as hard as we can and then go a little bit further. Winning doesn’t come easily at all that’s why they only let one team do it. It’s just as much about the willingness, desire and hard work that it takes as it is about the tools that you have. Only a few are lucky enough to have the players that we do, if we can combine all of the aspects above then we can and will be the best once more and for a long time.