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Titillating, Really Quite Titillating- A short message regarding recent…

As you read this, it would have been a number of hours since I decided, in a playful and unpremeditated fashion, to write this short message regarding recent times. The recent times at hand concern Skunks Beginners Tournament. What a gorgeous, thrilling, exciting, and just awfully positive way to start the year. When using the preceding adjectives (or in some cases, verbs) I am referring to all aspects of the weekend; gorgeously executed throws, thrilling exchanges of conversation, and exciting tying of shoe lace. The newcomers were outstanding, the oldcomers were splendid, and the current-comers were exemplary. At no point this weekend did I think, ‘you know what, this is actually quite boring and pointless, I could be at home not having spent quite a lot of money and be catching up on missed seminars’, and albeit controversial I fail to see how that is anything but a good thing. I don’t wish to blow the horn of my own generation, but the experienced play, especially that of the winning team was just titillating, really quite titillating. Ultimate….nay, Frisbee….nay, my university frisbee team….nay, the team I play with at university….nay, Mohawks, have, by a medium-to-long shot, become the biggest part of my Uni life. This weekend irrevocably justified that. And I can envisage many of the freshers feeling these feelings when they’re feeling things in couple of years time. Feelings. Fin.

(Post message notes- Unstructured, Unplanned, and quite possibly uninteresting, yet an unbiased, truthful and titillated response to events)