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It’s time for the Mohawks Awards Party 2013!!

Hello Everybody!

The Mohawks Awards Party is just 2 days away and I hope you are all excited. Please arrive at the King & Queen Pub for 7:30pm and go to the function suite in the upstairs area. I know its not the fanciest of venues but please still dress to impress and come along in your finest dresses, shirts, ties and suits to keep up the tradition!

Hopefully everyone has paid now,  so your food and wine is all sorted as well as many surprises on the night. We have our own bar area to buy drinks as well.

I hope you are as excited as we are and we look forward to seeing you all on Saturday evening!!

Your Captains


Sign Up for Awards Party 2013

Afternoon Hawks,

You can now sign up for the Mohawks Awards Party 2013 by following this link.

Please can you:

  • Fill in the form
  • Pay Ashley by transferring £25 to the details listed in the form above.
  • Once paid please email [email protected] with your name AND reference of payment. We say it every time but make sure you email Ash this information!

The captains are very excited for this years event, so sign up now and don’t miss out as we promise it will be one hell of a night and quite different to previous years!

Good luck with assignments/exams and see you soon!


The Mohawks Awards Party 2013

The Mohawks captains cordially invite you to….


When: Saturday 8th June 2013

Where: The Prince George Ballroom at Ye Olde King & Queen Public House, Brighton

Dress Code: Smart

We have decided to make our annual celebration a tad different this year to give you a fun filled evening to celebrate the achievements of the Mohawks in style. Don’t be fooled by the venue, we will still all be dressed to impress and party on through the night royal style!

It will only cost £25 per person including a 3 course banquet, wine on your table, a personal award for every attendee, a private bar, music, dancing, the best company you could hope for and more surprises on the night!

More information regarding confirming your attendance and payment will follow in the next few days.

We look forward to seeing you all for a right royal knees up!

Your loving captains


Final Info for Nationals

Here is the information for nationals.

We are leaving tomorrow afternoon at 4pm from the back of Falmer Bar. Please arrive at 3:45 so we can make sure everyone has arrived and all sorted.

Please try and pack as light as you can (preferably with only one bag) as the coach is going to be very tight for space. Attached is the accommodation room plan which is not going to change. Room Plan

**The rooms with 4 people in– one of you will need to bring a sleeping bag as there is only enough beds for 3 people**

I think everyone knows what to bring to tournaments by now but a few main things to remember:

  • Kit- red/black top + white shorts
  • Boots
  • Warm clothes/rain clothes (the weather looks quite good for the weekend)
  • Food

Please everyone pay Ashley!! Some people still haven’t paid. Also, get SportsFed.

Mr A Yeo

Sort Code 30-96-83

Account Number 16932060

Once you have paid make sure you email [email protected] with your name, how much you have paid and your payment reference.

Any Questions get in touch via the usual methods: phone, email, fbook, telegram, fax.



NATIONALS & this week

Good Evening!

As most people know Nationals is finally here and many of us are heading off to Nottingham this weekend. We have paid a lot of money for travel, team fee, accommodation etc and now need people to start paying! It is going to cost people £40 which for everything we are getting is not that bad at all! (people who have already paid I will talk to you separately)

So, whether you are a squaw or 1st/2nd teams you need to transfer £40 to Ashley Yeo.

Account Details:

Mr A Yeo

Sort Code 30-96-83

Account Number 16932060

Once you have paid make sure you email [email protected] with your name, how much you have paid and your payment reference. A lot of people often don’t do this which makes it rather hard work for Ash so try and remember to email!

We are getting a big coach to Nottingham which is leaving around 4pm from campus on Friday afternoon but more information about this and accommodation room allocations will follow later in the week.

Varsity is this Wednesday at 2:30pm at falmer sports complex so come and support the team and have a splendid time. The AGM will be later in the afternoon also!

So to sum up this rather busy week, PAY ASH and attend Varsity and the AGM.

Peace out,



**Transport and Final Regionals Info**


Bright and early Saturday morning we will be leaving for St Albans. The transport plan is attached here so look now and organise yourselves as to where you need to be. We will not wait for you and cars/minibuses will be leaving at 6:30 AM!

The weather does not look fantastic so pack warm clothes and things to keep you dry (including plastic bags to keep your bag covered). Remember Mohawks Kit, boots, sleeping stuff, some food for the day and money for other stuff.

Saturday evening we will all be going to a local carvery place near to Charlie’s, which offers various meals and vegetarian options. It’s the only place that will fit 40 people and they are getting more chefs in just for us so I hope you are all okay with that (you don’t really have a choice if you are not!)

We are staying at Charlie’s parents house and there are a few rules, which I think you will all understand considering there are 40 people staying. These are:

  • Whilst they are very happy to host everyone this weekend to help us out, they would like us all to remember that it is still their home and that it is respected as such, rubbish and bins etc. Their room is strictly off limits to Mohawks, there is enough space in the house that you wont need to go there.
  • Shoes off in the porch please.
  • Dizzy, the dog, is very friendly and will want to say hello to each and everyone of you, probably several times. He may well get a bit excited when we all turn up, but thats perfectly normal, he is just excited. Do keep food in bags though please everyone, just incase!
  • Parking, drivers please park on the drive, we will make space so that all vehicles can fit on it. The road is not all ours and children do play on it, so bare that in mind too please.
  • No smoking either in the house, though don’t think this applies to anyone.


That is about everything you need to know! Check the transport plan on the link below, and organise yourselves with your particular driver. Any questions you may have just give me a bell!

Peace Out!



**Pay Now For Regionals**

Hi all,

We have been very lucky and got the price for the weekend a lot cheaper than it would have been originally, so it will cost £25 which needs to be paid NOW to Ashley.

Mr A Yeo

Sort Code 30-96-83

Account Number 16932060

You will not be allowed to travel saturday morning without having paid for the tournament! If you don’t have online banking then bring the money to wednesday training. Once you have paid you must email [email protected] stating your name and the payment reference so Ash can see who has paid and all that!

Get it done now everyone so we don’t have to chase you up!

Peace Out


**Regionals Information**

Open Outdoor Regionals Saturday 9th/Sunday 10th March



Ed (c)

Lawrence (c)

Ash Yeo

Rich Roberts

John Maule

Hayden Slaughter

James Wotherspoon

Faron Young

Will Foster

Charlie Gorton

Alex Buckley

Mike Claridge



Sam Airey (c)

Josh George (c)

James Allen

Frank Wheeley

Dan Knightley

Pete Howarth

Sim Kennedy

Alex Gorton

Ismael Simones

Rob Ellis

Chris Parry Morris

Stuart Thomson

Alex French

Pete Harrison



Lucy (c)

Sam Bretherton

Benji Rees

Ed Pocock

Steven Matthews

Callum Thomas

Adam King

Mette Neilson

Jessie Stanbrook

Abi Cohman

Bethany Eldon Kerr

Becky Evans

Ella Campen

Selina Lee



We will be leaving early Saturday morning and returning Sunday evening. Charlie has kindly offered his house as accommodation this weekend which means we don’t have to pay extra to sleep on a church hall! There are a few house rules that we are setting to make sure nobody over steps the mark and these will follow later.


Kit (red/black shirt, white shorts, boots), towel, change of clothes, food for breakfast and lunch, some money for an evening meal, sleeping bag/roll matt.

Wednesday practice will be in your regionals teams so try and come down to practice playing with each other! Anyone who isn’t coming next weekend is still welcome to come to practice too!

I will email in the week to explain transport and costs for the weekend. We are waiting to hear from the university to make it cheaper but prepare for the weekend to cost you £25 which needs to be paid to the Mohawks account before we leave for the weekend. Be ready to transfer money this week and if anyone has any questions about teams or can no longer play, please let me or Lawrence know ASAP.

Time to get excited Mohawks!!




Blog Posts

Debt List- PAY UP NOW

Hi Everyone,

Unfortunately we still have a lot of people in debt with the club and this is not really acceptable. We are now struggling to pay for important tournaments etc because people feel they can play a tournament and not pay for it. So, please don’t be lazy and pay up now so we do not have to ask again!

Payment details are:

Sort Code 30-96-83
Account Number 16932060

Once paid, please email Ash at [email protected]
Put your NAME, REFERENCE and the AMOUNT you have paid in the subject line.

In the email you could write something nice like “Hi Ashley, I <INSERT NAME> have paid you £XXX for <WHAT IT IS FOR>. I hope you are having a lovely day. Lots of Love xxxxx

The list is as follows:

Agata- £20

Alex Armitage- £20

Alex Buckley- £25

Alicia Coupland- £20

Amy Pocock- £20

Gully- £39.50

Beth Kerr- £20

Helen Brunt- £20

Isobel- £25

James Hope (onion)- £15

Laslow- £15

Lizzie- £40

Rhys Poulton- £20

Sophie Nicholls- £47

Stu- £30

We don’t expect to ask you again! Thanks,