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Website Updates

The Three Pint Challenge page is back

I got round to adding the Three Pint Challenge (3PC) page back.  I’ve added a few times I had noted down but if I’ve missed yours, comment below.

Even if you remember the list from the old site, check this version out.  Remind yourselves of some of those crazy times.  Mac & Bob in 16.9 sections, Mac’s solo effort or the Felix and Mac’s white wine time.

Check it out

There are some other ‘Games & Records’ pages I’d like to do:

  • Disc Golf
  • 500s
  • Mac-line
  • Mafia
  • Flubbaguts
If you’d like to write the content for any of these pages, again, please comment below.
Mohawk News

Mohawks Blog Competition

It would appear we have a new shiny website. Oh wait, we’ve had that for a while. But what’s even newer and shinier about it now is that we have the ability to host blogs. Yup, you heard me. BLOGS.

As a committee, we’ve been talking about having more content on the website, and who better to generate it than YOU?

We’re hoping to have several regular blogs running on the site, but we don’t want all of them to be run-of-the-mill ‘here’s how ultimate works’ ones. We want excitement, drama, insights into stuff that is often missed by the mainstream blogs.

So, enter the fray by emailing in your idea for a themed blog, and giving us some kind of keen-o spiel about how much you love the interweb and want to use it to entertain Mohawks, ex-Mohawks and the rest of the ultimate community. We don’t have a set number we’re looking for and are planning to go with quality rather than quantity, so don’t worry that there won’t be space for your genius.

Suggestions from the committee thus far include some boring chat about tactics and self-improvement and the slightly more entertaining ‘EdCam’ (where Ed’s everyday activities and statements are documented).

You folks can do better, right?

Entries to [email protected]. Deadline: January 3rd.

Website Updates

Add facebook to your forum profile

I’ve been adding a lot of modifications to the forum (see the shout box at the bottom of the main forum page for details).  One of them is the inclusion of a facebook profile link.  You can see it in action on any post authored by me.

Over the last year or two, people have suggested having a way to link to a person’s facebook profile.  To get it activated on your profile, go to your UCP and fill in the facebook field with your facebook account name.

If you dont know how to get your facebook account name then visit facebook logged in, click on your name next to your picture (top left).  Your account name will appear in the address bar after

Fill in other information too.  Also add an avatar if you haven’t already!

Website Updates

Gmail users

So I’ve just realised something that may effect you resting your password if you are using a gmail account.  Not sure what to do about it yet but the workaround is as follows

Use your normal address but rather than use

Mohawk News

New Mohawk Website 2011

Hello Mohawks

So we’ve got a new website.  Its been in the making for a long time but over the last few weeks, what with my paid projects coming to a close, I put in the hours and (at the very least) got the site live.

The website you’ve come to know and love had an original design and integrated nicely with the forum (most of the time) but all of the content needed to be maintained by me.  That comes with inherent problems, namely there is only so much I have time or will-power to do.  With this new website we’re using a content management system (cms) that allows you guys to add content!  This is good because it means other people can do the grunt work!

Initially, those that can add content will be added on an invite only bases.  Eventually, however, every one of you will have the opportunity to add content, related to frisbee, the mohawks or something else entirely.  Watch the category ‘Website Updates‘ for more developments.

There are also parts of the website that visually I am not happy with.  I have left them as they are since I just wanted the site to go live.

Some of the more important things you need to know:

  • Your old forum accounts still exist but you’ll need to reset your password.  Your passwords were always encrypted and so migrating them to the new system was not possible.
  • The forum is more or less the same, however it has been updated to the latest version.  Lets see if you can find the differences
  • The rest of the site is built in a different system to the forum.  Once you’ve logged in, you may notice the differences in user areas for each system.  The forum is what you’ve been using for years.  The other don’t worry about for now (unless you want to).
  • Quick intro to:
    • Pages – are found in the main menu along the top of the page
    • Posts – are assigned to categories, which can be found at the top of the right-hand-side sidebar
  • You can also Facebook ‘like’ or Google ‘+1’ pages and posts now for all you cyber butterflies
  • If you have any suggestions then here’s the post
  • If you have found any bugs then here is your post
Finally you’ll notice on posts you can leave comments.  So reset your password, log in and get commenting!
Website Updates

Report a Bug

I’ll be honest, the release of the website was a little rushed.  If you spot a bug then please let me know in the comment section of this post.  Also if you spot any spelling mistakes or content that could do with being improved, here is the place.

This thread is not for suggestions.

If you report a bug please be a descriptive as possible, including the browser you are using and any error messages you get.  If you want to be really helpful then email a screenshot to [email protected]


Website Updates

Suggestion Box

If you have any suggestions for the new site then this is the place to leave a comment.  If its content related then editors can probably help you more quickly than I.  I will be concentrating on bug fixes first and foremost.  If you’ve noticed a bug then please post it here.

p.s. please don’t be offended if I don’t comment on everything.  Other people – feel free to comment.