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Regionals Teams this weekend.

Here are the teams for University Open Indoor Regionals this weekend.
They will be held at Brighton Aldride Community Academy (BACA). This used to be Falmer School and I think is still Falmer School on google maps. It is just over the A27 from campus and a bit towards Brighton.

If you do not know where this is then meet at Stanmer bus stop by the underpass at 8am. We will walk you there.

My number in case anyone gets lost/needs information is: 07708233094
Or you can call Ed on: 07515877908

Mo 1
Lawrence (c)
Ed (c)
Charlie Gorton
Sam Airey

Mo 2
Fluff (c)
Prossie Pete
Dan K
Alex Gorton

Mo 3
Geezer (c)
Rob Ellis
Mike C

Mo 4
Benjy (c)
Chris PM
Ed P
Pete Harrison

Mo 5
Lucy (c)

Mo 6
Gully (c)
Starzy (sat)
Natalie (sat/sun)
Alicia (sat/sun)


This weekend is WAY too exciting

Why, you ask?

So. Much. Awesome. Stuff. Happening.

USA Club Championships are running in Florida this weekend – they’ve been running since Thursday. This is some of the best ultimate you can watch, and it’s being streamed FREE!!!

Head to the USA Ultimate youtube stream to check it out – open semi-finals are this evening, which should be CRAZY AWESOME.

On Sunday, the women are playing Women’s Indoor Regionals – 10 teams from the South East region are coming to Brighton to fight it out for one of the four spots for nationals. It’s hosted at BACA – near campus, on the other side of the railway from the uni. Come along and support the three (!!!) Sussex women’s teams as they fight for a ticket to the big show.

And then, Sunday night. Hopefully, the women are going to be celebrating some hot results, and there’s no better way to celebrate with a discounted roast dinner, some drinks and watching the USA Open final in the Druids’. Game starts at 6.30, but you’re gonna wanna be there early to secure your seats… and get your roast on.

Women’s final will also be showing at the Druids’ from 3.45pm, but without sound. This will also be a kick ass game.


Mohawk Emails

Friday Practices – Use Stanmer Park

Hi all,

Indoors today is an invite-only practice for the open first and second teams. But as with previous weeks we will also have an outdoor session going on so come on down!

Just a quick note – we DO NOT have Russel’s Clump booked on Friday afternoons. This means that if you are coming along to play some ultimate on a Friday (including today…) you must use Stanmer Park.

I believe Megan will be the adult responsible for the outdoor stuff this week, but in case any of you arrive before her please do not use the clump but head down to the flat, well-drained and flint-free grounds of Stanmer Park, just the other side of the wooden posts.


Shimmy John


Blog Posts

Waiting for a Rainy Day— Stars and Stripes and…

Hello Mohawks!

So it’s been a bit longer than I planned before updating you on my year abroad at UC Davis, California. I have been able to come up with an excuse though, I was simply waiting for a rainy day. Yesterday it rained for a first time since I arrived about 5 weeks ago. Don’t get me wrong it is not just the rain that reminds me of Frisbee in Brighton! I do miss all you lovely hawks, way more than British food or weather and almost as much as Fifa :p

So Frisbee in the States, where to begin?

First off people actually know what it is.  If you tell people you play Ultimate Frisbee here almost everyone has heard of it or knows someone that plays or even played it in school. No more long winded explanations and answering questions about if dogs and special tricks are involved.

The street alongside our pitch. What are the chances?

The other major difference is that the girls play for a completely different club, the Davis Pleiades. They train at different times and have a different social calendar. Mixed Ultimate does not exist at College level in the States and Indoor does not exist at all.

We now have trainings in the American Football stadium which can hold over 10,000 people! No one comes to watch us train obviously but I went to the homecoming football game which was packed. Its a really cool facility to have on campus. The synthetic rubber crumb turf does give nasty burns on occasion but a good thing is it’s kind of sheltered because of the stands around it, so wind is reduced.

The players are very similar, my favourite kind of people. Committed and competitive and most importantly, know how to have fun. The main difference is that there are more of them. The Davis Dogs get about 40 guys coming to two 3hour training sessions per week. A couple of these are of course the experienced hangers on, long graduated but still more then welcome. About half are freshers, which shows it’s still growing fast. I would say due to having a bigger selection pool, plus the fact that lots of them played at school, the standard is slightly higher. I felt like a fresher not knowing the drills or appropriate terms at first but everyone is so welcoming and friendly you soon feel comfortable. I still get laughed at every time I say pitch, queue or side arm (field, line and flick).

I would still say honestly Mohawks have the better parties. Seeing the pics of the last few socials it seems that this year is no exception. It’s weird being one of the oldest, especially since 90% of the team are unable drink out. There are no bars on campus either, so everyone was very jealous when I explained how the Falmer bar pint after training is basically compulsory.

Like Sussex they have a disc golf course around campus. Its bigger, full 18 holes including a bonus shot (If you get it in the fountain you take a shot off). Also If you eagle the 11th you have to streak trousers down from your last shot to the hole! (A guy did this on my first round).

We just had our first tournament, a beginners/ fun one, a couple of hours north in Chico. It was incredibly similar to beginner tournaments back home. A tiny difference being that the opposing sidelines get together and play fast paced calls during timeouts. It was also full size outdoors ultimate. The party also provided all the alcohol in kegs (most players can’t legally buy it) so it is all free 🙂

Congratulations on all the recent tournament results and I look forward to meeting the new fresher Mohawks!


“Once a Dog but always a Mohawk”


Mohawks Newsletter Week 5/6

Hey Hawks! Hope you are well!

Just a few bits of news and events for what has happened and what is coming up…




So SICKO was awesome, right?! Firstly a massive thanks and well done to all those who helped organise the weekend – it was awesome. I loved everyone’s costumes at the party too – it was a top night! But more importantly, well done in the results! The Mo freshers keep showing how good they are – it’s going to be such a good year! The two Mohawks teams met in the semi’s, with one team going on to win it, and the other coming 3rd! Awesome work both of you, and another well done to both Squaws teams who finished 1st and 2nd too!




Women’s indoor regionals is this weekend! If you want to play and have’t got in touch with Sarah, do so ASAP! You can email her at [email protected] or get her on facebook! The tournament is being held in Brighton at BACA, which will be the 1st of 3 tournaments being held there – very exciting indeed!


Just a very important note concerning regionals and nationals coming up – in order to play you MUST have basic UKU membership – this gives you access to all university ultimate tournaments…


Sign up here…


Apart from that, training is as normal on a Wednesday 3-5, as is the social, which you can find more about on the forum!




Prossie x


Mohawks Newsletter Week 4/5

Hey Mohawks!

This is an email for what has happened and what is going to happen this week coming up…
Firstly, a massive congratulations to the two Mohawk Beginner teams who went to Southampton this weekend to compete in the beginner tournament there – one team came 2nd, and the other came 9th! On top of those fantastic results, for the second week in a row, Mohawks Beginners won spirit! With the Mohawk Pick-up team coming 8th in the experienced division, it was a fantastic weekend overall!
Training is as normal this coming Wednesday, 3-5 on Russells Clump.
On Friday, Women have the indoor pitch, so if you have both an X and Y chromosome, come outside to Russells Clump for more outdoor training!
This Social this week is the COWBOYS AND INDIANS SCAVENGER HUNT! It’s going to be awesome, but make sure you turn up on the right day as the social this week is on THURSDAY 18th, and not the Wednesday. Meet at East Slope bar at 8 in costume, where you will be split into teams… for more information check the forum.
The fact that the social isn’t on Thursday doesn’t mean nothing is happening on Wednesday – we will be hanging out in Falmer Bar after training for fun and games for the evening, so make sure if you go home to shower, you come back y’all, y’here?!
– Sports Fed – if you guys are playing Ultimate and you haven’t got this yet, do so ASAP from the Box Office (sign up on the Student Union Website first) – you will not be able to come regularly without it soon, so GO GO GO!
Have a great week guys,
Cya Wednesday,
University of Sussex
Mohawks President 2012-2013

What’s Happening This Week? (beginning Oct 8)

Run-down for the week:

Wednesday 1-3pm – experienced/invite only training. Felix is going to freak you out this week.

Wednesday 3-5pm – full club training. We’ll be working on throwing and catching this week. Why not go for a throw today in preparation?

Wednesday post training – the BAR!

Wednesday post bar – Anything But Clothes party. Ooo errr. Check out the forum for details (or pester Maggie).

Friday 2-4pm – Outdoors!* Games games games. You know you love them…

*Shim J will have been in touch if you should be at the Mixed Indoor Session. Remember to bring clean indoor shoes. This runs 1.30 til 4 – hall time is precious so don’t be late!

Mohawk Emails

Training – Friday 5th October

Hey Hawks,

Here are the plans for Friday training (2-4pm) this week!

Everybody meet in Hall 1 of the Sports Centre at 2pm – we’ll work out who goes where after that.

Beginners: Bring clean indoor shoes! You will definitely be indoors for the session.

Experienced players: Bring indoor and outdoor gear. If you can’t be bothered to bring both, just bring outdoor stuff. Where people end up will depend on how many beginners we have and how many experienced.

See y’all on Friday, and keep throwing!

Megan & Felix