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Mohawks Hat Tournament 2013

Hi Hawks!

(Apologies to those receiving similar messages through other channels – need to cover all bases!)

Hope everyone’s deadlines have been handed safely in and revision is going well.

On Bank Holiday Monday 27th May 2013 we will be hosting a hat tournament right here in Brighton. A hat tournament is where everyone enters as individuals and teams are drawn at random. It’s a popular format in ultimate as it makes for fun games, spirited competition and is a great way to meet new players.

So there are two things:
Firstly, you should play! Not only will it be supporting your club’s event, but it will also give you the chance to meet some great players from around Brighton. It will be great chance to meet the Brighton Ultimate captains and start to get involved with the club. There is a huge ultimate community in Brighton and I’m hoping we can help to bring more people together with this event. It’ll also be great fun and a good break from studying.

Secondly, you should help out! There’s lots that can be done to help make the event a success – both on the day and in advance. It might be as easy as encouraging another Mohawk or a Panther or someone else to sign up and play, or by sharing, liking etc on Facebook. On the day there’ll be lots of odd jobs and I hope that all Mohawks will pitch it to make it work as the profits from the event will go to help the club next year (that’s money in your pocket!).

To play you need to register using the following form:
Mohawks Hat Registration

… and also pay the player fee of £7.50. For this you get an afternoon’s ultimate played on lined pitches, lunch, great prizes and great company. (Note that payment is to a different account from normal Mohawks activity, but rest assured it’s going to the club).

After you’ve paid and signed up there’s also the Facebook event which you should help to promote.

If I don’t see you before, I hope to see you on the 27th!



Mixed Outdoor Nationals – 16th/17th March – Durham

Hi ‘hawks,

Mixed Outdoor Nationals is fast approaching. I am looking to take a tight team to back-up our recent win of mixed indoor nationals with another strong performance worthy of the pedigree of Mohawks.

I need to know who wants play! Please fill in this GForm:

The tournament is a lot of fun and I want to get as many people to play it as possible. Unfortunately the powers-that-be have not been kind to us and have put this tournament miles and miles up north in Durham. Therefore we have a general transport problem, and taking two teams could be tricky and expensive, however if enough people are enthusiastic about playing then I will see what I can do.

Regardless of your experience, if you want be considered for a spot on a Mohawks team at University Mixed Outdoor Nationals then please fill in the form!

Shimmy x

That GForm again:

Mohawk Emails


Hey guys,

So this weekend there is no official tournament, however Kent Touch This (Kent University) are hosting an awesome hat tournament called Hammertime!


The tournament takes place in Canterbury – we will take an early train there on the Saturday Morning (if enough of us go it will be super cheap through the use of group savers) – the tournament is free so all you need to pay for is food and train fare!


The way a hat tournament works is that you are put in a team with random other players, however at Hammertime, teams have themes, which also involve some form of costume…


I cannot stress enough how fun this weekend is (we will be home by Sunday lunch time, accommodation will be provided) especially for Freshers who want to improve, but want to have LOADS of fun at the same time (plus the Saturday night party is frickin awesome)


Text me (Prossie) if you are interested – 07817201638

and more info can be found here…

Let me know ASAP so accommodation and train can be sorted – don’t hesitate!!

Prossie x


Skunks 2012

Skunks (Southampton) beginners tournament is a fantastic opportunity to introduce new players to the ultimate community, there’s some high level indoors in an experienced division to learn from, a large division of non-experienced beginners to paly against and a top-notch party on Saturday night.



Sublime 2012

This is the first annual Ultimate tournament of the new season hosted by Sussex Mohawks regional rivals Portsmouth Sublime. The perfect opportunity for freshers to the sport of Ultimate to compete in an all beginners division where the only rule is that players should have been playing competitively for under 3 months.

As well as this there is the opportunity to check out more experienced Frisbee teams with a parallel experienced division tournament going on at the same time.

Both experienced and novice to the game have the chance to get back into competitive Frisbee in a relaxed and fun tournament (and perhaps back to winning ways)

Mohawk News

SICKO 2012

Mohawks, Panthers and Brighton Ultimate are again hosting the annual SICKO tournament.  The Sussex Indoor Challenge Knock-Out tournament.  This year mind you it’s a bit smaller.  It’s being hosted at Sussex and Brighton Uni’s though, which is handy since that’s where the party is!  Saturday will see the women over at Brighton Uni Falmer Campus in their new sports hall.  Saturday morning the beginners are at Sussex’s sports hall until the afternoon slot, which is when the experienced division sets off.

After the day’s play everyone will head to their host, have something to eat and get dressed up for the party (Hospital theme).  The party is back on campus at the same place as last year.  Amazing party last year even despite the efforts of the fire alarm!  The bar staff have promised us they’ll change it to infra-red detection rather than smoke.  Smoke of course coming from the smoke machines the bar staff provided.

Sunday everyone is at Sussex’s sports centre for the finals.

(captain’s pack and schedule can be found here)

Mohawk Emails

Regionals Final Team List and Information

Hey Everyone,


Regionals is coming up this weekend and if you are on the list below then you are currently confirmed to play. If you are not on the list you have 24 hours to contact me. If you are on the list and haven’t paid Callum then you need to NOW. If you haven’t paid by Thursday evening you will not be able to play. You must fill in the Google spreadsheet that Rich posted on the Mohawks homepage within the next day. Finally you need to have UKU membership. If you played indoor regionals then you should already have this. If you did not play indoors or did not buy the membership then you need to do so before Friday. Tpo do this go to this page then sign up for one of the membership options. If you are planning on playing tour at all then I suggest you buy the full membership for students and under 18s if you are only planning on playing this tournament then you only need the basic one. You then need to go to this page and ask to join the team.


First Team



Second Team



Third Team

Jon Kit Chan
Ed Pocock


There will be a transport plan sorted later this week and I have attached the Schedule and Captain’s Pack to this post/email. We will be getting there for 9am so you will need to be on campus outside Lancaster House by 7.50am at the latest.


You will need to bring the following,

  • Sleeping bag + roll matt/something to sleep on.
  • Warm clothes to wear before and after games
  • Waterproofs (it’s likely to rain)
  • Clothes for the party (it’s only in the SU bar so not particularly dressy)
  • Football boots
  • Full Mohawks kit
  • Toiletries
  • Money
  • Food for lunch (there’s a bar but it’s not cheap)
  • Bin bags to keep your bag dry
  • Student Card + ID (to get into the party)


It is required that you do not go inside the bar whilst wearing you boots and your bags must be stored outside (hence the bin bags).


On a final note, I hope this does not apply to any of you but I need to say this. Whilst I don’t have any problem with you having fun at the party please do not do anything stupid such as getting on the roofs of buildings, causing disturbances near the residences or causing any damage. We are lucky to have been given the chance to come back this year and stay that the venue after some of the behaviour last year. Anyone seen causing any trouble may be banned from future Mohawks tournaments.


Any questions please comment.


See you soon.



Sport Relief Fun Tournament

If you haven’t already seen on facebook/posters around uni/a post on the forum.. this friday is the SPORTS RELIEF TOURNAMENT! I realize that many people may have class on friday afternoon but it’s a very relaxed fun tournament so even if you only have an hour to spare, come down to Stanmer/Russel’s and enjoy playing some friendly frisbee for a bit. If you have the whole afternoon off, or even if you don’t, try and drag as many people with you as you can! As well as raising money for Sports Relief this is a great way to spread the word about frisbee and let people see it being played and get to play it themselves. Try to bring correct change (£2.50) and it starts at 2pm (not 1pm like it says on the posters) – see you all there! We’ll be going to Falmer bar for a few drinks afterwards so meet us in the back bar if you can’t come play – any donations welcome there too!


Mohawks at SEUMIR

Last weekend (November 5th & 6th) Mohawks sent three teams to Mixed Indoor Regionals. I will mention quickly that no other team sent three teams so instant well done to the club and its members for being enthusiastic enough to go, and good job Kneetu for making it a reality.

A full tournament report will be written soon but just quickly, result wise the weekend was fantastic: Mohawks 1 finished second, Mohawks Basketball finished fourth and Mohawks 3 ended up 14th, beating a huge number of second teams on their way, too.

Fantastic weekend everybody, and good luck to those heading off to nationals in a few weeks time.